Decorative dogs. Western group: Basset. Bloodgound. Bobtail. Dwarf pinscher.

Decorative dogs. Western group: Basset. Bloodgound. Bobtail. Dwarf pinscher.
Basset. Descendants of Old French dogs. Hounds with short legs, similar to a dachshund. In the nineteenth century they appeared in England. There were bred English basset hounds, larger and more powerful of the French kind.
Bassets show independence, and it is very difficult to raise them, so before you start training, you need to remember that it is not so easy.
The height of the basset is from 34 to 38 cm . The body is elongated, the paws are short, very heavy, but despite this they are full of energy and nimble.
In appearance, they are unusual, the body is elongated, a large muzzle, hanging ears of rather large size, sad eyes.
An excellent hunting assistant, despite their slowness, they are persistent and differ in ringing barking.
Bassets are calm, they love children, they are peaceful.
Bloodgound. A very ancient breed. Dogs of this breed have a very strong flair. They perfectly help a person with hunting, in the field of customs, when searching for people.
Height from 64 to 67 cm . Color black, red. The ears hang down, the eyelids are lowered, the eyes are sad. Too massive and sluggish.
The character of the peaceful and unusual appearance made the bloodhound a decorative breed.
They are peaceful, can get along with any other pet, love children.
Bobtail. A shepherd dog from England, with a long coat that protects from heat and cold. Shades in the color of gray or blue. Height 55 cm . Bobtail has an unusual voice and a special ambling gait.
The name bobtail was obtained because at birth they have a cult-shaped tail, thickened at the tip (bobtail with short tail translation).
The muzzle is covered with long hair, only the tip of the nose is visible. Because of this, dogs have poor eyesight, but they hear and smell perfectly.
They are inconvenient for keeping in the apartment because of the density of the wool, because they need to be constantly combed out.
Dwarf pinscher. The birthplace of this mini dog is Germany, but it is possible that the pinscher from the black–and-tan terrier squad is from England. They are very developed in terms of musculature, slender, long legs, height no more than 30 cm. Ears are erect. The tail is docked. The wool is tough, shiny. The color is colored or plain. A dwarf pinscher is an ideal option for keeping in an apartment. They do not require special care, they have a short coat, which is easy to care for. But they are afraid of the cold. Children are treated with distrust.
Dwarf pinscher are very lively and brave, very good watchmen.
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