Healthcare's Security vs Convenience Problem Solved with Proximity Authentication

In this case study, you will learn how one medical center challenged the password problem in 2019 by moving to proximity authentication.

Auto-lock all computers

Insider threats from poor security, permission aggregation and privilege escalation

Five solutions that protect valuable healthcare data

The best solutions for automated provisioning workflow

The advantages of proximity-based authentication with incorporated centralized password managers

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For decades, passwords have been the single most common way to identify a user in healthcare. But in today’s online climate where cyber security defenses continue to fail organizations in security and convenience, passwords have also been the single biggest point of failure resulting in unproductive workflows and data breaches.

Phishing, social engineering and malware continue to defeat cyber security defenses due to human error. Human error and poor password practices give attackers an easy way to compromise organization security systems and render them incapable of detecting and containing long-term breaches.

In this case study, we outline the ways one healthcare organization solves the problem of getting into EHRs faster while staying HIPAA compliant.

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