Thin Client

MFA for thin clients.

What is a Thin Client?

Thin client computers work in much the same way as a standard computing device. While a standard computing device will draw resources from its onboard components. The thin client, however, will draw resources from a centralized server elsewhere. 

Thin clients can be deployed by either:

  • desktop virtualization
  • shared terminals
  • connections via the browser

Cost-effective solutions for IT.

Thin clients are also considered to be more cost-effective for organizations in terms of up-front purchase cost and ongoing hardware and software maintenance costs. 

Are thin clients more secure?

A cybersecurity benefit of using thin clients is that sensitive data is not stored on the end point workstation to be stolen or hacked. In essence, thin clients offer greater control of the computer end points to the IT manager's centralized operations. If someone stole a normal laptop, they may gain unauthorized access to a treasure trove of confidential information that they could now sell. However, if they stole a thin client computer, it would be a hollow shell of a hard drive - there's nothing on it to steal. The IT manager wins.

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