The biggest casino cheat becomes a consultant for gambling houses

Among the great figures in the world of gambling, we can mention one of the greatest cheaters in history: Richard Marcus. He made his mark by outwitting all known traps and winning all his games for 25 years without ever getting caught! After traveling the world, the professional cheater became a recognized consultant and conducted training sessions in Las Vegas.

The story of the man

Richard Marcus is an American who has been playing at the casino for over 25 years, and has never lost. Too good to be true? Yes, the man is one of the greatest cheaters of all time. He was indeed a master in the art of manipulating cards, casino chips and dealers. Read more about the antics of Richard Marcus in the casino in the article

It all started in the 1970's when he was 19 years old. He decided to play his $200,000 in his pocket in various casino rooms. The man first won a nice sum of money, before losing it all and finding himself on the street.

He then became a croupier to try to make up for it, but he was soon spotted by a professional cheater to complete his team. It turns out that the young dealer is particularly comfortable with cards.

Thus began this crazy adventure that would last more than 25 years. The cheat then travelled the world, without ever getting caught, a real achievement! He was then considered a true genius, some would say "a crook gets caught, a genius does not".

His reconversion

In the 1990s, when security was tightened in online casinos, the American decided to retire with a nice 5 million dollar fortune. Marcus then decided to tell his story in a book.

At the time of his release, many casinos contacted him to hire him as a consultant, with the aim of training employees against cheating. The man assures it, that although the security systems were largely reinforced, he could still use the same cheating techniques today.

An argument that hits the nail on the head with casino operators, who lost nearly 1 billion dollars each year worldwide. Richard Marcus has an essential role to play!

Other projects are underway for this casino robber, who may soon see his life adapted to the big screen.