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Advanced Infrastructure Security Automation that Exceeds Requirements


Managing employee workstation security is easier with GateKeeper.

Network authentication starts with the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of a username and password. GateKeeper's automated, proximity-based authentication technology means less time spent checking for internal security breaches. Monitor unauthorized access with ease and reduce data loss/leak potential.

With so much to do, install GateKeeper to automate data protection.

Improve the overall value chain of the company’s security.

Initiate auto-enforcement instead of just reminding.

Employees will no longer be able to share or even remember passwords.

GateKeeper Enterprise reduces privilege misuse and prevents unauthorized access to save the network administrator time.



Never let the wrong ones in. GateKeeper only lets authorized users in and locks as soon as they're gone. No one else gets in.



Threat mitigation on a new level. GateKeeper learns from the user’s movements and determines when to lock.



With GateKeeper, you can log in with a PIN, by tapping your key to the PC, or even automatically.



Let your trusted admin decide who can access which computer and when.

Easily implement the centralized access management system your users will love.

Security management made easy. Achieve the balance between happy users and network integrity. Users will seamlessly access terminals and programs, eradicating support costs and risks.

Rather than disciplining employees, have policies followed without relying on them.

Network monitoring of everyone accessing terminals.

Don’t recover lost data, instead, preserve by deploying a 100% reliable program.

Control structures centralized and enforced without end users.

“My wife has a lot of different duties at work and they don’t always require being in front of the computer. She likes that she can now walk away from her computer to talk to a customer and doesn’t have to worry about logging out and then logging back in when she returns to the computer.”

Kevin Morris

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Take a self-guided tour of GateKeeper Enterprise, the proximity-based centralized access management platform. 

GateKeeper Enterprise 45-Day Trial

GateKeeper offers special pricing so you or your organization can try Enterprise before implementing on your entire network. All test packages include deployment assistance, premium support, and additional subscription discounts.

5 or more GateKeeper wireless keys

45 days of Enterprise subscription

Premium support & deployment assistance

Discounted subscription for the rest of the year

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