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Understanding Permission Aggregation and Insider Threats

November 1, 2018

Insider threats are a growing concern for any large corporation.  In 2016, 40% of successful breaches were due to outsiders, but 37% were due to insider threats. These numbers show that these types of attackers are just as popular as threats caused by employees, vendors or corporate contractors. Insider threats include anything from simple employee…

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Research Shows that the Best Cyber Defense Teams are Antisocial

October 29, 2018

A new study that involved Army research to find the best cyber security defense team members showed that the best people for the job are antisocial, reconfirming what many people confirmed as the stereotypical programmer as the best person for the job. In March and April 2017, the Mid-Atlantic Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition studied a…

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Phishing and Email Fraud are Top Security Risks for Corporations

October 25, 2018

Email is essential for business, but it’s also a top concern for security administrators that need to protect the internal network from data breaches and loss of digital assets. With a combination of reconnaissance and social media, an attacker can form a list of possible victims and target them in an attempt to get credentials…

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Healthcare Organizations are Among the Biggest Targets for Attackers

October 22, 2018

Of all the organizations threatened by insider threats, healthcare companies top the list. In the past several years, healthcare organization data is among the top of the list in the biggest data breaches recorded. Yahoo and Equifax had large breaches, but numerous healthcare industries lose smaller sets of records that add up to millions of…

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Developers Learn that Downloading Docker Hubs is Not Always Safe

October 18, 2018

Docker is the latest in popular technology where developers can quickly configure and deploy containers in an environment without affecting other components of an application. It’s a way to turn monolithic code bases into compartments that work individually on the network. Docker is one container provider that works in the cloud and makes it easier…

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Corporations Lose Data in Ways They Didn’t Imagine

October 9, 2018

Insider threats make up a large portion of cyber security risk. It’s a third of the risk when you manage sensitive data on your network. Most organizations think of cyber security risk and insider threats as malicious employees, but it’s not always malicious intent that leads to data loss. Negligence, phishing, malware, and other events…

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Malicious Browser Extensions Contribute to Insider Threats

October 7, 2018

Network administrators have a unique challenge of providing users with an efficient working environment that also protects against threats to network security. Most administrators block random installations, but this can be a problem when users need to customize their desktops to work productively in the way that they prefer. This customized environment includes the ability…

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How to Identify the Basic Signs of Insider Threats to your Local Network

September 22, 2018

Insider threats are cyber security breaches that stem from a trusted employee or vendor allowing an outsider to gain access to the local network. It’s a frustrating and difficult cyber security issue to avoid. You need to give employees plenty of permissions to perform everyday tasks, but you can’t give them open access to areas…

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Chrome and Firefox Exploits using CSS and HTML5

August 6, 2018

Insider threats come in all different shapes and sizes, and many times it’s not malicious in any way even though they come directly from your own employees. A recent vulnerability found in Firefox and Chrome gave attackers access to images from the popular social media site Facebook. The vulnerability was mainly from the advanced HTML5…

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