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GateKeeper helps healthcare institutions meet HIPAA compliance mandates with ease.


Lock unattended workstations automatically with GateKeeper Enterprise.

Users no longer have to lock their workstations when they leave.

GateKeeper decreases the potential exposure risks of ePHI.

Automatic monitoring and auditing of all log-in attempts.

Automatically and efficiently prevent unauthorized access to sensitive systems.

GateKeeper enhances a defense-in-depth security architecture and works in complement to group policy.

GateKeeper Enterprise HIPAA Compliance Summary

A security mechanism that increases security and decreases complexity of access.

SectionKey ActivityPerformance CriteriaGateKeeper Solution
164.306(b)Flexibility of Approach(1) Covered entities and business associates may use any security measures that allow the covered entity or business associate to reasonably and appropriately implement the standards and implementation specifications as specified in this subpart.

(2) In deciding which security measures to use, a covered entity or business associate must take into account the following factors:
(i) The size, complexity, and capabilities of the covered entity or business associate.
(ii) The covered entity's or the business associate's technical infrastructure, hardware, and software security capabilities.
(iii) The costs of security measures.
(iv) The probability and criticality of potential risks to electronic protected health information.
GateKeeper increases the security and decreases the complexity of the covered entity by providing an automatic mechanism for the locking of a workstation when a user is no longer in proximity. A user does not have to manually lock their workstation when they are no longer present. This security mechanism decreases the potential risks to ePHI.
164.308(a)(5)(ii)(C)Security Awareness, Training, and Tools -- 
Log-in MonitoringProcedures for monitoring log-in attempts and reporting discrepancies.GateKeeper Enterprise provides auditing and monitoring of all login events.
164.310(c)Workstation SecurityImplement physical safeguards for all workstations that access electronic protected health information, to restrict access to authorized users.GateKeeper provides a mechanism to automatically prevent unauthorized access to unattended computers.
164.312(a)(2)(i)Access Control -- Unique User IdentificationAssign a unique name and/or number for identifying and tracking user identity.Each GateKeeper dongle device address is associated with a user identity. Users can be identified and tracked by the hardware dongle identifier.
164.312(a)(2)(iii)Access Control -- Automatic LogoffImplement electronic procedures that terminate an electronic session after a predetermined time of inactivity.Combined with an organization’s group policy for automatic logoff, GateKeeper provides an additional layer of access control by automatically locking a workstation when a user is no longer in proximity.
164.312(b)Audit ControlsImplement hardware, software, and/or procedural mechanisms that record and examine activity in information systems that contain or use electronic protected health information.GateKeeper audits user login activity within the enterprise platform at all times.
164.312(d)Person or Entity AuthenticationImplement procedures to verify that a person or entity seeking access to electronic protected health information is the one claimed.GateKeeper uses a hardware token associated with an active directory account to create a multi-factor authentication system.

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