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Protect from Phishing with Leading Multi-Factor Authentication Companies

No business is safe from phishing attacks, but enterprise two-factor authentication (2FA or MFA) stops much of the successful phishing attacks that plague an organization. Two-factor authentication requires two steps before a user has access to a system. The first one requires that the user enters a password, but the second one requires verification that a user has access to a physical device. Usually, this second device is a smartphone. A PIN is sent to the device, which the user then enters into the system to complete authentication.

As attackers continue to change the way they phish for user passwords, two-factor authentication providers must find proactive ways to stop attacks. Phishing attackers are unable to log into a system that uses multi-factor authentication, so they add social engineering to the process and hijack SIM cards. With a hijacked SIM card, an attacker can have a PIN sent to a device that the attacker physically has access to.

Guard Sensitive Data with Enterprise Two-Factor Authentication

two-factor authenticationWithout two-factor authentication providers, an attacker could find a treasure trove of data from just one user’s credentials. Attackers use these stolen credentials to log into the remote system and steal data. An attacker could have access for months without ever alerting administrators and intrusion detection systems.

An attacker might send emails to dozens of employees using data found on various social media profiles. It only takes one user to fall into the trap of a phishing attack, and your data is exfiltrated within minutes.

Should the attacker gain access to high-level user accounts with administrative permissions, an attacker could steal extensive data including customer and employee personally identifiable information (PII) and corporate documents containing trade secrets.

Most systems these days offer two-factor authentication because it’s the only way to truly fight phishing. Attackers can steal passwords for dozens of users but will be unable to log into the corporate system, provided that the two-factor step is always required. A business owes it to customers and employees to have the best security that protects data from various types of attacks. Although two-factor authentication cannot completely protect from all security events, it can protect from the biggest threat today that costs billions in containment, legal fees, and disaster recovery.

Entrust with one of the most advanced multi-factor authentication companies to keep your business safe from malicious phishing attacks.

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