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Instant, hands-free authentication for your network.

GateKeeper Enterprise increases security and reduces support costs with touchless, proximity-based two-factor computer authentication, centralized password management, and auditing. Break free of insecure practices and move beyond passwords.


GateKeeper protects your network from internal breaches and confidential data exposure using proximity-based authentication solutions with two-factor authentication, centralized password management, and comprehensive auditing. This results in reduced support time and costs while enhancing security and compliance.

Wireless authentication eliminates manual entry of passwords.

Auto-Unlock feature for smooth, instant access

Works on desktops, laptops, and tablets (Mac & PC)

Military-grade AES 256 encryption and stored on the computer

Adjustable range from inches to 30 feet

Useful for regulatory compliance (e.g. HIPAA, GDPR, HITECH, CJIS)

When the wireless key is in range, GateKeeper authenticates the user and logs them in instantly. When the key moves out of range, GateKeeper automatically locks the computer.

Wireless authentication eliminates

From 5 workstations to 5,000, GateKeeper Enterprise provides pain-free, centralized management of every person, password, and computer on your network.

Centralized password management

Centralized password management reduces support time and costs.

Adaptive authentication that works fast. Set access control lists, manage credentials, and view real-time user information from one easy-to-use management console.

Many-to-many matching of GateKeepers to computers

Group computers/users according to access control needs

Revoke/delete GateKeeper user from the admin console

Web-browser based user interface

Comprehensive reporting and user logs track user activity and location.

GateKeeper Enterprise logs all user activity including login and logout times, plus motion behavior of user movement throughout the office.

Powerful analytics measure efficiency and time secured

Detailed access logs from each computer auto-recorded

Identify individual users – even on shared computers

Filter data based on credentials, computers, and activity

Comprehensive reporting

Reduce internal threats and data breaches with proximity-based 2FA security.

GateKeeper secures internal networks for a wide range of industries, including


Law Enforcement






“The entire implementation process was quick, easy, and virtually problem-free. I wish all of my IT projects went as quick, easy, and functioned as well as Gatekeeper. I would highly recommend Gatekeeper to anyone who is looking to track and control access to their computers, values their time, and wants an easy and trouble-free solution.”

Tom Riddle
Major Tool & Machine, Inc.

GateKeeper Enterprise is more than just advanced password management.

No other password management solution can compare to our enterprise-level features that provide the fastest authentication with the strongest security.

Enterprise FeaturesGateKeeperDUOYubiKey
Eliminates manual logins  Question CircleCheckCheckCheck
Windows & Mac OS compatible  Question CircleCheckCheckCheck
2-factor authentication  Question CircleCheckCheckCheck
Proximity-based lock & unlock functionality  Question CircleCheckTimesCheck
Multiple login methods available  Question CircleCheckCheckTimes
Does not require physical contact with computer  Question CircleCheckCheckTimes
Wireless key does not require phone  Question CircleCheckTimesCheck
Automated hands-free lock and unlock  Question CircleCheckTimesTimes
Real-time location services  Question CircleCheckTimesTimes
Shared credentials identification  Question CircleCheckTimesTimes
Physical access control integration  Question CircleCheckTimesTimes
Centralized access management dashboard  Question CircleCheckTimesTimes
Designed for healthcare compliance (HIPAA)  Question CircleCheckTimesTimes
Active Directory integration for Enterprise  Question CircleCheckTimesTimes

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GateKeeper Enterprise 45-Day Trial

GateKeeper offers special pricing so you or your organization can try Enterprise before implementing on your entire network. All test packages include deployment assistance, premium support, and additional subscription discounts.

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Premium support & deployment assistance

Discounted subscription for the rest of the year

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