Proximity 2FA for Teams

Proximity 2FA for computers + websites. Passwordless security key.


2FA based on presence.

The GateKeeper 2FA for end users automatically authenticates, authorizes, and logs users on to their computer and websites when they are present, and automatically locks the computer when they walk away. The GateKeeper proximity-based 2FA access control system provides unparalleled convenience and security for IT administrators.

Proximity 2FA for your users and computers

Machine-learning algorithm determines presence of the tokens

Synchronization of users, passwords, keys, and access rules

Works with the GateKeeper Vault and on-demand OTPs

Secure cybersecurity blind spots with auto-locking

"The business advantages in convenience, security and productivity are obvious. It saves computer security from breach as soon as a user leaves the immediate area as well as saves any lost work time logging on and off computers."

Healthcare Construction + Operations News (HC&O)

"...the device automatically locks my computer when I move away from my desk. It logs me in when I move closer to my computer. That saves me re-typing my Windows password - or forgetting to lock my computer when I leave my desk. Very slick and very secure."


"Most screens auto-lock...but that's easily long enough for somebody to glance through your emails or copy your data somewhere else which with the introduction of GDPR in May could prove a legislative nightmare and risk for your company.

It's a simple idea, extremely effective and greatly improves workstation security in your business and employees love it as most importantly it is easy to use. GateKeeper allows for very complex passwords to be set on servers as no one needs to remember them."

Rob Butterworth
Custard Technical Services

"GateKeeper Is a Wireless, Smart PC Key Straight Out of Spy Movies"


"We had problems with people posting there passwords near their computer because they would forget them. Also people having to remember many different passwords for applications and customer web portals.

I was looking for a replacement for my old biometric access control software. We are a small company and I wanted to find a proximity-based access."

Dan Long, MIS Director
Branch Manufacturing Co

Repeatedly typing passwords costs up to 20 hours annually per employee! Eliminate this waste with instant proximity-based 2FA logins.

Machine-learning 2FA algorithm automatically detects when a user walks away and locks the computer.


Advanced proximity-based authentication for computers and websites. Using real-time presence detection, the application determines when a user has walked away and automatically locks the computer. This eliminates the need for clumsy timeout policies.

Using 2-FA (a secret PIN and the token's proximity), GateKeeper increases security while reducing the friction and time it takes to log in. Set you passwords on auto-pilot.

Log in instantly when the user comes back to a computer

Locks the computer automatically when the user walks away

Sync all passwords - access to every credential on any computer

Never have to remember your passwords – just carry your token

Fastest 2FA solution for hands-free authentication

GateKeeper Client desktop software for PCs and Macs allow for wireless proximity 2FA authentication via presence-detection sensors and key fobs.

Just carry your GateKeeper security key and type your PIN to login with 2FA.

GateKeeper 2FA Password Manager Solution for Shared PCs

Enterprise 2FA solution with built-in password manager and auto-locking mechanism.

The two-factor authentication option is equivalent to having a 50-character password, making it easy for authorized users to access their computer while providing a strong deterrent to hackers.

Technical Specifications

Compatible with Windows 7, 8.1, 10, and macOS 10.13 and 10.14

FIPS-120 compatible encryption algorithms

Machine-learning engine for real-time proximity

Syncs policies, users, passwords, and keys

Seamless offline authentication

Passwordless 2FA security token


“ inexpensive and hassle-free way to ensure you can sit down and get to work without delay but securely lock your machine—with no user interaction—whenever you need to step away.”

David Cieslak, CPA/CITP
Journal of Accountancy

Replace passwords with a 2FA security key. Provision passwords faster for employees. Get rid of password helpdesk support tickets!

See the GateKeeper Enterprise 2FA solution in action

Take a self-guided tour of how proximity-based 2FA access control works.

Enterprise 2FA and password manager. One key for all your passwords. Experience fully automated login and security. Faster MFA, auto-OTP, password manager, and worry-free workflow with proximity-based privileged access management for Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, VPNs, desktop applications, and websites.

Download the free Android app.

Proximity-based MFA login

Active Directory integration with admin console

Automatic lock for all workstations

Continuous authentication password manager

Automatic OTP on websites for 2FA

Wireless login for desktops, VPNs, web, and software

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