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Proximity-based access for your computer

Manage computer login and logouts based on proximity with GateKeeper Client.

The client application authenticates the user and then authorizes them to log on to the computer when they are nearby, and automatically locks the computer when they walk away. It also communicates with the GateKeeper Vault and GateKeeper Hub applications to keep user credentials in sync at all times.

Proximity authentication for your computer using Bluetooth communication

Machine-learning algorithm to determine presence of the GateKeeper Halberd and Trident tokens

Synchronization with the GateKeeper Hub to manage users, credentials, devices, and access rules

Synchronized with the GateKeeper Vault, on-demand OTP and passwords

Typing in passwords for repeated logins costs up to 20 hours annually for each employee. With the GateKeeper Client, organizations can eliminate this waste with instant proximity-based logins.

The machine-learning algorithm automatically detects when a user has walked away and locks the computer instantly.


GateKeeper Client has pioneered proximity-based authentication for computers. By using real-time presence detection, the application can accurately predict when a user has walked away and can then automatically lock the computer. This eliminates the need for clumsy timeout policies. Furthermore, by using 2-factor authentication (a user’s PIN and the Halberd’s proximity), GateKeeper can increase security while reducing the time to login.

Login instantly when the user comes back to a computer

Lock the computer automatically when the user walks away

Sync all the user’s credentials once they have logged in, providing access to every credential on any computer you log into

You never have to remember your computer password – just use GateKeeper to log in every time


Just type in your PIN on the lock screen to log in while carrying your GateKeeper Halberd.


A machine-learning algorithm keeps track of the GateKeeper tokens’ presence in real-time.

The two-factor authentication option is equivalent to having a 50-character password, making it easy for authorized users to access their computer, while providing a strong deterrent to hackers.

Technical Specifications

Works on Win 7, 8.1, 10, and OSX 10.13+

FIPS-120 compatible encryption algorithms for credentials management

Machine-learning algorithm to determine proximity in real-time

Synchronized with GateKeeper Hub to manage security policies, users, credentials, and devices

Custom credential provider (Win) and authentication plugin (Mac) to provide quick login

Cached credentials for offline authentication


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GateKeeper Enterprise 45-Day Trial

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