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Centralized access management dashboard for GateKeeper Enterprise IT managers.


Centralized management of all users, passwords, and computers.

GateKeeper's management console has all your identities in one place and provides access to computers on the network and web credentials for every user, on demand. Administrators can set access control policies, manage users, collect audit logs, and generate reports from web-based GateKeeper Hub.

On-site server/database keeps all credentials secured

Web browser-based access to GateKeeper Hub

Access management for users, computers, and websites

Audit logs for all access-related events

Password management enterprise made simple

The #1 computer support issue for any organization is forgotten passwords. Centralize user and credentials management enables employees to just use their GateKeeper key.


Adding and revoking access to computers is a challenge in any organization.

By combining users, tokens, passwords, and computers in one centrally managed web server, GateKeeper Hub makes it very efficient for IT administrators to set access control policies for their organization.

Form groups to set access rules for computers/users in your organization.

Add users, credentials, and tokens in bulk by uploading a CSV file.

Reset users’ PINs directly from the web interface.

Revoke user access on any computer with a single click.

Manage domain, local, web, and OTP credentials for all users.

Set security settings for individual machines, users, and groups.


Snapshot of activity on the network including real-time events is displayed on the main dashboard page.


Assign keys and credentials to users directly from the Hub with an easy password manager for enterprise.


Look up computer and user-specific audits and actionable productivity data through audit reporting.


Download the latest applications for the GateKeeper access control system directly from the Hub.

Audit and security assessments routinely require knowing which computers were accessed by which employees. The Hub’s audit logs provide all necessary options for administrators to extract this information on demand.

Technical Specifications

Secure on-site web server running on IIS

On-site SQL database for safe storage

Supports Windows Server 2012+ and Windows 10

Super-fast (<30min) deployment and setup


See GateKeeper Enterprise in action

Take a self-guided tour of GateKeeper Enterprise. Proximity-based centralized access control for secure identity and access management. 

GateKeeper Enterprise 45-Day Trial

All your passwords in one place and only accessible by you. GateKeeper offers special pricing so you or your organization can try Enterprise before implementing on your entire network. Experience instant multi-factor authentication and worry-free workflow with GateKeeper's password management and enterprise access control system.

5 or more GateKeeper wireless tokens

45 days of Enterprise subscription

Premium support & deployment assistance

Discounted subscription for the rest of the year

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