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GateKeeper Enterprise enhances manufacturing facilities’ production.


Streamline your security with proximity-based authentication

The perfect balance of security and simplicity and built for increasing efficiency in your manufacturing facility.

Hands-free 2-factor authentication for every user

Exceed compliance standards such as NIST and DFARS

Real-time user location and login activity monitoring

Increased production capacity for better production outcomes and efficiency

The manufacturing industry experiences a much higher volume of malicious insider behavior.



Tracks passwords automatically, so employees don't have to remove gloves, mistype or forget; saving time and increasing productivity.



No learning curves or training required. After easy installation on your network, you can integrate into your workflow immediately.




GateKeeper is always on, contantly tracking user proximity automatically. Eliminate mistyping or remembering multiple passwords.



Know exactly who accessed each computer in real time. Audit records of computer access is automated by GateKeeper.

Create an optimized and secure manufacturing workflow

Employees are only human, and mistakes happen. But mistakes are costly and can be avoided with Gatekeeper. That's because GateKeeper Enterprise automates the computer authentication process, increasing security and eliminating the risk of internal breaches.

Effective compliance posture through automation

Avoid security fatigue by leaving it to GateKeeper, not the users

Secure yourself against opportunistic attacks and espionage

High-tech, low-latency technology for rapid authentication

GateKeeper Enterprise: The key to secure Manufacturing access.

No other access management solution addresses the unique needs of manufacturing security like GateKeeper Enterprise.

Lack of security at workstations puts IP, data, and trade secrets at riskEnhanced, security on auto-pilotPrevents users from leaving sensitive data open when they leave the workstationHelps protect the company from breaches and confidential data exposure that could result in fines or loss of reputationIT Administrator, Owner, Security Officer
The company does not meet compliance standards/policiesEliminates manual locking and unlockingThe company no longer needs to use shared passwords and can meet compliance needs such as DFARS, NIST, HIPAA, CJIS, etc.The company doesn't have to worry about being penalized in an audit for using shared passwordsCompliance Officer, Owner
Longer passwords, intrusive methodsPassword manager with touchless accessUnlike other authentication methods that actually require extra work from every user, GateKeeper works on its own and never bothers the userNo need to remove gloves to scan fingerprint, no need to remove goggles to iris scan, no passwords to remember, and no cards to swipeEmployees
The company would like to increase efficiencyBusiness intelligence reporting and audit logsGateKeeper unlocks machines when a user approaches, saving time with:
• overall authentication process
• forgotten passwords
• mistyped credentials
The company has more time to devote to productivity, which increases output, therefore, revenueOwner, COO, Risk Officer, Network Administrator

“…we did not want to incur the costs and extra time required for every manufacturing employee to have to logon and off for each transaction. Other solutions I found were standard 2-factor authentication products that require each user to logon to the computer, complete their task, and log off the computer. The next person in line would have to do the same. This just was not practical, or cost-effective. The time lost waiting for a user to login and logoff for every transaction just did not make sense.

…Other solutions would have added minutes to every transaction. We process thousands of transactions daily, making this a critical factor in our decision to go with Gatekeeper.”

Tom Riddle, Major Tool & Machine, Inc.

See GateKeeper Enterprise in action

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GateKeeper Enterprise 45-Day Trial

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