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The most ergonomic, multi-user access method across your infrastructure.


Patients over paperwork with touchless authentication from GateKeeper.

Health professionals use computers for short intervals, moving frequently, and using multiple workstations. GateKeeper maximizes the safety and efficiency of the working environment by giving caregivers more secure and faster access to workstations and websites.

By providing a wireless access key to each user, GateKeeper simplifies the login processes, eliminating complex passwords, saving time, and maintaining strict HIPAA compliance.

Hands-free 2-factor authentication for every user

Exceed HIPAA compliance standards

Real-time user location and login activity monitoring

Increased time with patients for better healthcare outcomes and productivity

Over 155 Million patient data records were compromised since 2009. 68% of threat actors in healthcare were internal.



Minimize time logging in and out of workstations, increasing time with patients for better healthcare outcomes and improving productivity.



Enforce auto-lock as a policy for unattended computers, mitigating some of the most common security risks, and ensuring compliance.



Easily set user access to multiple computers from the Enterprise Hub, simplifying the complex tasks of managing multiple credentials.



Know exactly who accessed each computer in real time. Audit records of computer access is automated by GateKeeper.

Provide every user hands-free access for one or multiple computers on your healthcare IT network. 

No need to remove your gloves for a fingerprint scan, or glasses for an iris scan. GateKeeper gets that you're there and logs you in instantly and automatically.

Enterprise-grade security with user-focused design

Unwitting insiders are the leading cause of data exposure

Infection control audit in sensitive departments (e.g. surgery)

Leverage every minute of your providers’ time while GateKeeper handles security

GateKeeper Enterprise: The key to secure access in healthcare.

No other access management solution addresses the unique needs of healthcare IT security like GateKeeper Enterprise.

Unlocked computers in the practiceEnhanced, security on auto-pilotPrevents users from leaving sensitive data open when they leave the workstationHelps protect the practice from breaches and PHI exposure that could result in fines or loss of reputationIT administrator, Owner, Security Officer
Must meet HIPAA/HITECH compliance standardsEliminates manual locking and unlockingThe practice eradicates non-compliant/shared passwordsHuge risk reduction in HIPAA audits for using shared passwordsCompliance Officer, Owner
The practice needs to see more patients every dayTouchless and automated accessGateKeeper unlocks machines when a user approaches, saving time with:
• overall authentication process
• forgotten passwords
• mistyped credentials
The practice has more time to devote to seeing patients, which increases revenueCFO, Owner, Professionals
The practice wants information on employee and computer productivityBusiness intelligence reporting and audit logsGateKeeper tracks the motion behavior of users during the workday, the amount of time spent seeing patients and their pattern of movementThe practice can make better decisions and combat HAIs using GateKeeper time and motion dataOwner, COO, Risk Officer, Network Administrator

“We started using the GateKeeper because our physicians move to multiple treatment rooms rapidly. We chose this because it is as secure as passwords and proximity based. So our physicians walk into a patient room in our office and the computer logs on for them giving them more time with patients…We couldn’t be happier with its integration thus far.”

Dr. Ben Saviet, Central Massachusetts Podiatry, P.C.

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Take a self-guided tour of GateKeeper Enterprise, the proximity-based centralized access management platform. 

GateKeeper Enterprise 45-Day Trial

GateKeeper offers special pricing so you or your organization can try Enterprise before implementing on your entire network. All test packages include deployment assistance, premium support, and additional subscription discounts.

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