Fastest login and auto-logout for doctors and nurses.


Patients over paperwork with touchless access.

Health professionals use computers for short intervals, moving frequently, and using multiple workstations. GateKeeper maximizes the cyber safety and efficiency of the working environment by giving caregivers the fastest secure access to workstations and websites.

Wireless access key simplifies the login processes, eliminating complex passwords, saving time, and maintaining strict HIPAA compliance.

Auto-lock unattended workstations

Hands-free 2-factor authentication for every user

Automate HIPAA and HITECH compliance standards

Real-time user location and login activity monitoring

More time with patients for better outcomes and productivity

Passwordless proximity login and logout.

...I really like the Gatekeeper how it automatically logs me in as I approach the computer and logs out when I walk away. It also eliminates time having to log in and remembering passwords.

Ajeshni Nand, Clinical Manager
Zoe Medical Centre

"There are NO other devices on the market that provide the numerous capabilities this device has. I am privileged to have this software installed within my own clinic, and from day one, my staff instantly reaped its benefits - and best of all, it has strengthened our HIPAA compliance posture. We no longer need to remember to lock our workstations nor keep track of complex passwords!

I believe in GateKeeper, and I believe in the Untethered Labs team. They are going places, and I am glad to be on the ride with them!"

Dr. Toyin Opesanmi, M.D., AAHIVS
Gennesaret Medical Center

"The business advantages in convenience, security and productivity are obvious. It saves computer security from breach as soon as a user leaves the immediate area as well as saves any lost work time logging on and off computers."

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"GateKeeper Is a Wireless, Smart PC Key Straight Out of Spy Movies"

"...the device automatically locks my computer when I move away from my desk. It logs me in when I move closer to my computer. That saves me re-typing my Windows password - or forgetting to lock my computer when I leave my desk. Very slick and very secure."


"Most screens auto-lock...but that's easily long enough for somebody to glance through your emails or copy your data somewhere else which with the introduction of GDPR in May could prove a legislative nightmare and risk for your company.

It's a simple idea, extremely effective and greatly improves workstation security in your business and employees love it as most importantly it is easy to use. GateKeeper allows for very complex passwords to be set on servers as no one needs to remember them."

Rob Butterworth
Custard Technical Services

Over 155 Million patient data records were compromised since 2009. 68% of threat actors in healthcare were internal.

GateKeeper Enterprise Video


Minimize time logging in and out of workstations, increasing time with patients to save more lives.

GateKeeper Enterprise Video


Auto-lock unattended PCs - mitigating the most prevalent security risks and ensuring compliance.

GateKeeper Enterprise Video


Easily set access to multiple computers, simplifying the complex tasks of managing multiple credentials.



Valuable time and motion data. Know exactly who accessed each computer in real time.

Hands-free computer access in your clinic. 

PPE-friendly. No need to remove gloves or glasses for a fingerprint or iris scan. GateKeeper knows you're present and locks when you walk away.

Experience the fastest access control solution in hospitals. Don't leave patient data at risk - secure without worry. Perfect for dental clinics, specialty clinics, hospitals, research labs, and more.

Reduce reliance on staff to secure computers and passwords

Enterprise-grade security that saves time for doctors

Unwitting insiders are the leading cause of data exposure

Infection control (HAI) audit in sensitive departments (e.g. surgery)

See more patients while GateKeeper saves you time


"Working with the staff from Untethered Labs, Inc. is definitely the epitome of how a company should interact with their customers.  In all of my interactions, I have sense that I am working with a partner rather than just a vendor. The support staff is always responsive, professional and courteous.  The GateKeeper solution easily integrated into our office environment and secures all of our workstations seamlessly. The feature rich system provides the security and reporting that I require to monitor workstation access across our domain."

Bill Elgie, Supervisor of Network
Technologies and Services IT Security and Special Projects

GateKeeper Enterprise: The key to secure access in healthcare.

Addressing the demanding needs of healthcare IT security with hands-free computer and web-EHR access.

Unlocked computers in the practice.Automatic computer lock based on user's proximity. Enhanced, security on auto-pilot.Prevents users from leaving sensitive data open when they leave the workstation.Helps protect the practice from breaches and PHI exposure that could result in fines or loss of reputation.IT administrator, Owner, Security Officer, IT Director
Must meet HIPAA/HITECH compliance standards.Eliminates manual locking and unlocking.The practice eradicates non-compliant/shared passwords.Huge risk reduction in HIPAA audits for using weak/shared passwords.Compliance Officer, Owner, CEO
Clinic needs to see more patients every day.Faster touchless and automated access.GateKeeper unlocks machines when a user approaches, saving time with:
• overall authentication process
• forgotten passwords
• mistyped credentials
The practice has more time to devote to seeing patients, which increases revenue.CFO, Owner, Professionals
The practice wants information on employee and computer productivity.Business intelligence reporting and audit logs.GateKeeper tracks the motion behavior of users during the workday, the amount of time spent seeing patients and their pattern of movement.The practice can make better decisions and combat HAIs using GateKeeper time and motion data.Owner, COO, Risk Officer, Network Administrator

Automated logs on who accessed which computer and when for instant HIPAA compliance.


A big part of keeping the patient information safe and secure is locking your computer when you have to leave the room. As we are working in the mouths of our patients, you can imagine that pressing the keys on your keyboard is not very sanitary and you have to decontaminate everything you touch before your next patient.

Thanks to the GateKeeper Enterprise system, we lock our computer automatically when we (with our Halberd or phone) are out of range of the computer. Without the key, you need to type in a password or a PIN code to unlock the computer, so this ensures that the information is kept secret and safe from prying eyes.

Paul van Straten, Co-Owner
ESTL Tandprothetiek

Capterra Best Value for Authentication Jun-20
Capterra Ease of Use for Authentication Jun-20

See GateKeeper proximity access control in action.

Take a self-guided tour of how you can evolve from passwords. Then you're really saving time with automation.

Enterprise 2FA and password manager. One key for all your passwords. Experience fully automated login and security. Faster 2FA, auto-OTP, password manager, and worry-free workflow with proximity-based privileged access management for Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, macOS, desktop applications, and websites.

Download the free Android app.

Proximity-based passwordless 2FA

Active Directory integration with admin console

Automatic lock for all workstations

Continuous authentication password manager

Automatic OTP on websites for 2FA

Wireless login for PC, Mac, web, and software

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