PPE-Friendly Login for Healthcare

Hands-free, touchless 2FA login.
For PCs, EHRs, and websites.

PPE-friendly, contactless 2FA login to PC, Mac, websites for HIPAA.

Keep your gloves and masks on and login just by being there.

Basically, GateKeeper logs users in even if the user is wearing gloves (no typing or fingerprint needed) and masks (no iris scan needed). Fingerprint readers require everyone to take off their gloves every time. Iris scanners require removing goggles/face masks. Typing passwords means another wipe-down required. Therefore, avoid the hassles and login using your presence in a more hygiene and efficient style. Touchless 2FA for healthcare is the future.

Proximity Login For HIPAA Compliant At Health Care Center

More time to see more patients due to fewer password problems.

Permanent reduction of time expended on logging in to clinical software such as EHR.

Computers auto-lock when users leave so users don’t have to worry about securing PC.

Eliminate the need to remember all of your usernames and passwords.

Reduce workflow interruption due to HIPAA and policy requirements.

Finally, see who’s logged in and when users last logged out, even on kiosk computers.

Significant clinical impact – see more patients.

Between HIPAA policies and heightened infection control due to COVID-19, logging in to PCs and EHRs is taking more time and effort that could be used to see more patients. GateKeeper reduces time needed for logging in to EHR and clinical software. Therefore, this translates to significant recurring savings for institutions. Doctors have reported being able to see multiple additional patients each day due to time saved using GateKeeper for authentication. In conclusion, faster logins means more time for patients.

Identity access management for enterprise organizations.2FA: Requires the presence of a GateKeeper token and typing of a secret PIN to authenticate.
Capterra Best Value for Authentication Jun-20
Capterra Ease of Use for Authentication Jun-20

See GateKeeper proximity access control in action.

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Enterprise 2FA and password manager. One key for all your passwords. Experience fully automated login and security. Faster 2FA, auto-OTP, password manager, and worry-free workflow with proximity-based privileged access management for Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, macOS, desktop applications, and websites.

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Proximity-based passwordless 2FA

Active Directory integration with admin console

Automatic lock for all workstations

Continuous authentication password manager

Automatic OTP on websites for 2FA

Wireless login for PC, Mac, web, and software

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