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Improve Efficiency in Dental Offices with Faster Logins

How Faster Authentication and Auto-logouts Help Improve Efficiency in Dental Offices

Improved efficiency is always a key goal for dental healthcare providers. However, this cannot come at the expense of care quality and patient satisfaction. With faster authentication and auto-logouts, you can target this efficiency while maintaining high levels of performance across key metrics. Eliminate time wasted accessing clinical workstations, electronic health records (EHR), and maintaining computer security. In fact, you’ll be able to actively enhance your performance in these business-critical KPIs. Increase efficiency, thus increasing patient satisfaction and the bottom-line. Between faster logins, automatic locking, and fewer steps required, everyone will save more time.

Patient Response Times

In 2018, the average waiting time for a dental appointment was 5.3 days for existing patients and 6.9 days for new patients. For new patients at specialist dental clinics, the average waiting time rose to 8.1 days. This represents a significant wait for patients, many of whom may be experiencing severe discomfort as they go about their daily lives. Faster patient response times means more patients serviced per day. Faster logins can help contribute greatly to faster response times.

A more efficient authentication procedure helps to reduce waiting times. While logging into an admin terminal may only take ten or twenty seconds on average. This represents a serious inefficiency when extrapolated over many log-in events. Proximity-based tokens backed up with PIN codes allows personnel to shave valuable seconds from each log-in. This translates to far greater efficiency across the year. Organizations can save hundreds of hours a year and drastically improve patient satisfaction KPIs.

Treatment Delivery Time

The spectrum of dental treatments is broad, and some treatments may take considerably longer to deliver than others. For instance, a teeth cleaning and tartar removal treatment may take between 15 to 30 minutes, while a full dental hygienist appointment may last anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes. A root canal procedure, on the other hand, may last up to 3 hours.

The increased efficiency provided by the right authentication solution is not limited to admin or front desk staff. Care providers will also be able to significantly decrease field log-in times through remote access capabilities. This enables them to move from workstation to workstation, quickly accessing the relevant patient record, or another digital asset, without delay. Auto-logouts also make sure that the workstations are appropriately secured after use. Prevent burnout and stress from worrying about computers and passwords every few minutes.

Equipment Usage

Dental surgery equipment is designed to provide high-level care services to patients. As a result, sophisticated equipment carries a high cost, with panoramic x-ray machines costing $37,000 and above in some cases and digital imaging equipment weighing in at up to $10,000.

To leverage the very best from your investment in equipment, you will need to adopt data-driven processes. Solutions like GateKeeper’s Admin Hub extend the capability of passwordless authentication, transforming it into a data-rich resource that your dental practice can use to its advantage. Accurately monitor and assess computer login events. Then training and educate employees on needed topics. To further enhance security, anomalous usage events can also be tracked.

Faster login for dental computers.

Patient Satisfaction

In general, Americans are happy with their dental practitioners. Data taken from online review platforms suggest that the average rating for a dentist is 4.4 out of a possible 5. While this is certainly positive news, it should not lead to complacency. And the best dental practices are constantly working to improve the experience they provide to their patients.

With more efficient access protocols, enhanced security and a practical approach to data, you will be able to incrementally improve the standard of patient care over time. This will be reflect well on patient satisfaction metrics.

Leverage the Benefits of Faster Login Authentication Solutions at Your Practice

Reach out to the GateKeeper Enterprise team to learn more about how you can leverage these benefits at your dental practice, or schedule a demo to try the solution for yourself. Prevent wasted time in your dental practice with super-fast logins and automatic logouts. Get into your EHR without typing passwords. GateKeeper is compatible with most major dental EHRs including Eaglesoft, Dentrix, Open Dental, and more for faster login!

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