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Satori Malware Aims at D-Link Routers

Satori isn’t new malware, but it’s the most infamous of its kind in the IoT world. Satori is a malicious application that scans the Internet for vulnerable devices and adds this vulnerable device to its botnet. It’s terribly effective for botnet creators – good for malware attackers but bad for innocent bystander users. The result…

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The Rise of Currency Miner Malware

Insider threats are usually considered malicious. Most companies think of a cyber threat as someone who maliciously attacks the network, steals data, or destroys company resources. Employee negligence also falls into the insider threat category. One area of negligence that puts your company network at risk is downloaded software. The user then installs malicious software…

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The 5 Vulnerabilities You’re Missing on Your Corporate Network

When an organization thinks of insider threats, it’s often thought that it means malicious employees stealing data or destroying resources. Insider threats aren’t just employees with malicious intent. It’s also employee negligence either by allowing malware to be installed on the local network or just accidentally leaking data. Whatever the reason, it’s the responsibility of…

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Understanding Your Corporate Security and Employees

A common error with most organizations is that what they do is exempt from all other issues in regard to security. The fact is that cybersecurity has a lot to do with the way the public perceives an organization. The fact is that the way your employees use customer records can have a huge effect…

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When CMS Software Such as Drupal is a Threat

Sometimes, insider threats are less about people maliciously attacking your network but more about the software you install. Any type of software could have vulnerabilities including what would otherwise seem like innocuous software. Even CMS (content management system) software could pose a threat. This is exactly what happened with the latest Drupal threat, which is…

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Understanding Permission Aggregation and Insider Threats

Advanced 2FA with wireless login and logout using proximity sensors.

Insider threats are a growing concern for any large corporation.  In 2016, 40% of successful breaches were due to outsiders, but 37% were due to insider threats. These numbers show that these types of attackers are just as popular as threats caused by employees, vendors or corporate contractors. Insider threats include anything from simple employee…

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Research Shows that the Best Cyber Defense Teams are Antisocial

A new study that involved Army research to find the best cyber security defense team members showed that the best people for the job are antisocial, reconfirming what many people confirmed as the stereotypical programmer as the best person for the job. In March and April 2017, the Mid-Atlantic Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition studied a…

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Phishing and Email Fraud are Top Security Risks for Corporations

Email is essential for business, but it’s also a top concern for security administrators that need to protect the internal network from data breaches and loss of digital assets. With a combination of reconnaissance and social media, an attacker can form a list of possible victims and target them in an attempt to get credentials…

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Healthcare Organizations are Among the Biggest Targets for Attackers

Of all the organizations threatened by insider threats, healthcare companies top the list. In the past several years, healthcare organization data is among the top of the list in the biggest data breaches recorded. Yahoo and Equifax had large breaches, but numerous healthcare industries lose smaller sets of records that add up to millions of…

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