Online Blackjack Game With Multiple Side Bets

Online Blackjack Game With Multiple Side Bets

There are many online blackjack variants that offer an independent side bet. These bets enable players to try for much larger payouts than the main game offers. Get a fairspin promo code for the game without investing your own funds. NYX Gaming is a leading games supplier to online casinos like InterCasino. It has taken this concept further by including a number of different side bets in its online blackjack variant called Side Bet Blackjack. Some of the side bets have the potential to pay really big amounts.

The Mega Match side bet is designated as KQ. The bet is decided by the first two cards dealt to the player. It starts with a payout of 2 to 1 if the cards are of the same suit. The payouts keep increasing for different combinations, till you get a Mega Match. This is king and queen of the same suit and it pays 50 to 1. The Dealer Match payout of 5000 to 1 is awarded when both the player and the dealer get a Mega Match.

The Blackjack Attack is designated as AJ. It enhances the payout for a blackjack from 3 to 2 to 18 to 1. There is another advantage on offer as well. If both you and the dealer get a blackjack, you will win with this side bet placed instead of a tie.

The Cash Queens bet is designated as QQ. This bet assures that all you will win with a hand value of 20 irrespective of the dealer’s total. To start with any 20 will pay 2 to 1 and a suited 20 will pay 5 to 1. A ranked 20 defined as a king, jack or ten pair will pay 10 to 1. A queen pair will pay 50 to 1. A queen pair with the dealer being dealt a blackjack will pay 500 to 1.

Three times seven is 21. So there are many online blackjack variants with side bets based on sevens. Side Bet Blackjack calls this bet Crazy Sevens, which is designated by 777. The payout depends on the number of sevens dealt. If the first card is 7 the payout is 5 to 1. Two unsuited 7s pay 25 to 1. Two suited 7s pay 150 to 1. Three unsuited 7s pay 500 to 1. Three suited 7s pay 2000 to 1.

The final side bet in this NYX Gaming online blackjack variant is called Pair Play and is designated by 88. Any pair on the first two cards pays 12 to 1. Enter the fairspin promo code and start winning right now.