Enterprise Password Management Simplified.

Manage enterprise passwords with GateKeeper Enterprise, the secure password management system for your network. With features like 2-factor authentication, Active Directory integration, secure shared passwords, and password access control, GateKeeper reduce internal breach risks and keeps your network HIPAA, GDPR, NIST, and CJIS compliant. Therefore, everyone will be more efficient through password management automation.

Wireless key based on Bluetooth 4.0 technology

Access computers, applications, and websites based on proximity

Military-grade AES 256 encryption

Instant OTP and advanced MFA/2FA

HIPAA, GDPR, NIST, CJIS compliance simplified

Track all computer and user activity on the network

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Centralized password management for your network.

Secure password manager for enterprise

No complex passwords to remember or expensive biometric readers. Just fast, easy-to-use authentication for your entire network.

Logs you in automatically as you approach

Sophisticated ML algorithm learns user behavior, logging in as they approach the workstation.

Locks workstation automatically when you leave

Your workstation automatically secures when you leave, or manually log out with a press of a button before you exit.

Protects data at the workstation level

No longer is your security a server-wide policy, or dependent on users following strict rules. Therefore, GateKeeper provides always-on security for every workstation. 

Real-time analytics for users and workstation

Using GateKeeper's management console, admins gain valuable knowledge of their network and users with minute-by-minute user activity and location data. 

Automates a standards-compliant user workflow

Let your employees focus on their job instead of changing passwords, locking workstations while remaining compliant.


GateKeeper Enterprise password management simplifies the administration of security policies for all computers and users on the network, while detailed access logs verify the authenticity of users logging onto a company’s network locally or remotely.

The centralized admin console, GateKeeper Hub, enables the administrator to deploy security policies such as mandatory two-factor authentication, access control lists for specific computers, or assign users workstations.

access management system

Seemless enterprise password management for your entire network.

GateKeeper Enterprise access control system provides a secure password management. All your web credentials such as username, password, and time-based one-time passwords (TOTP) are synced with the GateKeeper Hub server, and available to you on every computer you log on to using your GateKeeper 2FA token. Therefore, unlike other enterprise password managers, GateKeeper provides faster access with the user workflow in mind.

One key to access all your computer and web passwords.

Passwords are encrypted and stored securely on GateKeeper Hub.

Credentials are available on every computer you log on to.

Generate one-time passwords through the GateKeeper app.

No more SMS or manual authenticating.

GateKeeper Enterprise: The Key to Centralized Access Management

No other enterprise access control system for computers provides such a wide range of features and benefits.

Unlocked computers in the workplace.Auto-locks computer instantly when employee leaves. Enhanced, security on auto-pilot.Prevents users from leaving sensitive data open when they leave the workstation.Helps protect the practice from breaches and PHI exposure that could result in fines or loss of reputation.IT, Security Team, Owner
The company does not meet compliance standards/policies.Eliminates manual locking and unlocking.The company no longer needs to use shared passwords and can meet compliance needs such as NIST, DFARS, HIPAA, CJIS, etc.The company doesn't have to worry about being penalized in an audit for using weak or shared passwords.Compliance Officer, Owner
The company would like to increase efficiency.Touchless and automated access.GateKeeper unlocks machines when a user approaches, saving time with:
• overall authentication process
• forgotten passwords
• wrong credentials
The company has more time to devote to productivity, which increases revenue.CFO, Owner, Professionals
The company wants more information about how employees spend their days.Business intelligence reporting and audit logs.GateKeeper tracks the motion behavior of users during the workday, the amount of time spent seeing employees and their pattern of movement.The company can make profit-enhancing decisions using the time and motion data gained from using GateKeeper.Owner, COO, Risk Officer, Network Administrator
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