Enterprise Two-Factor Authentication Solution for Enterprise Organizations

Enterprise two-factor authentication with the GateKeeper proximity token. Eliminate typing passwords but enforce 2FA with the GateKeeper Enterprise two-factor authentication solution. With features like continuous authentication, Active Directory integration, secure shared passwords, and proximity access control, GateKeeper makes passwords easy for IT admins. Then IT teams can relax a bit more.

Enterprise two-factor authentication for advanced security

Create and share complex passwords with teams

Access computers, desktop applications, and websites with a key

Wireless proximity key for faster login

PC auto-locks when users leave

Save over 30 hours per user a year in productivity gains

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Enterprise two-factor authentication solution for IT admins 2FA.

Easy enterprise two-factor authentication solution for teams.

Enterprise 2FA for IT admins.

Enforce 2FA across your network's computers. Easily deploy 2FA with GPO and upload users from AD.

Continuous 2FA solution.

ML algorithm constantly verifies user presence for enhanced security features. Therefore, security is constant and never stops.

Lock computer automatically when any user leaves.

Your workstation automatically secures when you leave, or manually log out with a press of a button before you exit.

Protects data at the workstation level.

Reduce threat vectors by making access based on proximity to the PC. Then security is stronger and layered in depth.

Real-time analytics for each user and workstation.

See who is using 2FA to login and which passwords are weak among your end users. Then enforce your policies.

Automates login workflows for maximum productivity.

Gain back your investment within 3 months by earning back time saved and IT costs reduced.


The GateKeeper Enterprise 2FA solution is an easy way for IT admins to enforce security policies for all computers and users on the network. Therefore, secure each workstation with automation and reduce reliance on end user habits for cyber security.

The admin console, GateKeeper Hub, enables the IT admin to deploy security policies. Then IT admins can enforce mandatory two-factor authentication, computer access control lists for specific PCs, provision or deprovision access tokens.

Computer access control solutions for end users

Enforce 2FA on computers and websites for your workforce.

Automatically boost workforce productivity while securing access. GateKeeper's secure enterprise two-factor authentication system runs securely on your network, 24/7. Therefore, IT administrators can control access to computers and websites for every employee through presence detection.

Automates logging in and out with security tokens.

Stop using timeout policies that just aren't that secure.

Reduces the risk of access discrepancy and downtime.

Customize logins with proximity, touch, or 2FA.

Works on Windows PCs even shared login accounts.

GateKeeper Enterprise: The Key to 2FA Enforcement

No other enterprise two-factor authentication solution for computers provides such a wide range of features and benefits. So get your end users the login experience that enhances productivity, not hampers it.

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