MFA Token for Enterprise Organizations

GateKeeper Enterprise MFA token for proximity-based continuous authentication. Enforce MFA on your organization, but without getting in their way. With features like continuous proximity MFA, Active Directory integration, shared passwords, and website access control, GateKeeper eliminates helpdesk tickets and increases security. Then we can all relax a bit more.

Wireless MFA proximity token for logging in

Access computers, desktop applications, and websites with an MFA key

Automatic PC locking mechanism fail-safe

Faster OTP and advanced MFA solution

Meet compliance requirements with automation

Track and audit computer and user activity on the network

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The complete computer access control solution.

Secure enterprise MFA token.

No complex passwords to remember or expensive biometric readers. Just fast, easy-to-use authentication for your entire network.

Wireless MFA authenticator token.

Powerful ML algorithm learns user behavior. Therefore, access control for computers gets more seamless for users.

Locks computers automatically when users leave.

Your workstation automatically secures when end users leave, or manually log out with a press of a button before you exit.

Protects data at the workstation level.

Skip timeout policies and other ineffective methods. Instead, use automation to lock systems down.

Real-time analytics for each user and workstation.

Get actionable data regarding computer and user access. Audit log reports available for easy compliance.

Enhance access control workflows.

Let your employees focus on their job instead of changing passwords and worrying about locking PCs. Then you're really saving lots of time.


GateKeeper Enterprise MFA tokens for proximity access control is an easy way to administer security policies for all PCs and users. Get detailed access logs to verify the authenticity of users logging onto the company’s network locally or remotely.

The admin console, GateKeeper Hub, enables the IT administrator to deploy security policies such as mandatory multi-factor authentication, PC access control lists, and more. Therefore, computers, users, and passwords can be managed from one convenient login.

MFA Token Solution for Secure Login - GateKeeper Enterprise

Easily administer, grant or revoke access with proximity MFA tokens.

Improve workforce productivity while automatically securing access with MFA. The GateKeeper MFA solution runs on your network and allows IT administrators to control access to computers, desktop apps, websites for every employee through presence detection MFA tokens.

Reduces the risk of access discrepancy and login delay.

Stop using insecure timeout policies.

Automate authentication with a wireless MFA token or phone.

Customize logins with proximity, touch, or MFA.

Compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10, 11, and macOS 10.13 and 10.14

GateKeeper Enterprise: Proximity MFA Tokens

No other MFA security token solution for computer security provides such a wide range of advanced features and benefits.

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