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MSP partners enjoy industry-leading benefits when working with GateKeeper Enterprise. GateKeeper provides white-label 2FA and password manager solutions for proximity-based continuous authentication. With features like continuous proximity MFA, Active Directory integration, shared passwords, and website access control, the product is packed with features. The GateKeeper passwordless 2FA solution for MSPs reduces help desk tickets and increases security, making life easier for IT admins. When you partner with GateKeeper, you can relax more.

No contracts, minimums, or termination clauses

Multi-tenant platform for managing multiple clients

One product with multiple solutions is easier to manage

Highly engaged sales and technical support staff

White label 2FA and password management for your MSP

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The Best MSP Partner for 2FA and Password Management.

High margins for partners and resellers.

GateKeeper partners enjoy a favorable 25 to 50% margin on hardware and software sales.

Manage multiple products under one solution.

Using several from different vendors has problems. GateKeeper comes integrated with a built-in 2FA and password manager.

Sales assets and hosted pitches.

Sales staff busy? No problem! Let us help you win deals. We'll pitch for you and host a custom demo on your behalf.

Multi-tenant platform for easy customer management.

Easily implement solutions and enroll users with less IT resources needed. Then manage all your clients with one login.

White label the solution for your MSP.

Upload your logo into the GateKeeper Hub. Then, your customers will see your logo instead of the Windows icon at login.

Best MSP Partner for Support.

Unlike others, we'll work closely with you for everything from training, support, to tailored implementations.


GateKeeper Enterprise 2FA keys for proximity login is an easy way for MSPs to administer security policies for PCs, users and credentials. Get detailed access logs email to you automatically. Then, accurately verify the authenticity of users logging in on the company’s network locally or remotely. Seamlessly manage passwords across the organization.

The GateKeeper Hub admin console enables IT administrators to deploy security policies such as mandatory MFA, PC access control lists, and more. Therefore, authentication, computers, users, and passwords can be easily managed through automation.

Password Management as a Service

An MSP Partnership Made for Growth.

A token that comes with 2FA and a password manager. Boost workforce productivity while automatically securing access. The GateKeeper password manager solution runs on your network and allows IT administrators to control access to computers and web accounts for every employee with token presence detection. Therefore, enjoy passwordless 2FA, password management, and automatic auditing in one solution.

Automate logging in and out with a wireless 2FA token or phone.

Reduces the risk of access discrepancy and login delay.

Reduce reliance on using insecure timeout policies.

Easily propagate passwords without fussy communications.

Compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10, 11, and macOS 10.13 and 10.14.

GateKeeper Enterprise: Passwordless 2FA Solution for MSPs

No other MFA security token solution for computers provides such a wide range of advanced features and benefits. Therefore, your MSP can increase revenue without having to learn much more. 

MSP Password Manager Solution for Teams
Capterra Best Value for Authentication Jun-20
Capterra Ease of Use for Authentication Jun-20

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