MSP Password Manager Solution for Teams

GateKeeper Enterprise Password Manager tokens for proximity-based continuous authentication are perfect for MSPs. With features like continuous proximity MFA, Active Directory integration, shared passwords, and website access control, the product is packed with features. The GateKeeper MSP password manager solution reduces headaches while enhancing the cyber security posture, making life easier for IT admins. Then relax a bit more.

Proximity login key for computers with more security

Access computers, desktop applications, and websites with a key

Walk away to lock your workstation automatically

TOTP and 2FA security token for PC and websites

Track all computer and user activity on the network

Meet compliance requirements with automation

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The Complete MSP Password Manager Solution.

Secure enterprise password manager.

No complex passwords to remember or expensive biometric readers. Just fast, easy-to-use authentication for your entire network.

Faster 2FA as you walk up to PCs.

Sophisticated ML algorithm learns user behavior. Therefore, making access control for computers that much easier.

Lock computer and passwords.

Click your key to lock your PC when you're done. As a backup, GateKeeper will auto-lock when the key is out of range.

Multitenant client management platform.

Manage all your clients from one location. Each client's portal is seperated and encrypted.

One product, many solutions.

Instead of using 3 different products working together, GateKeeper comes with a password manager, 2FA, and locking mechanism built-in.

Faster implementation and higher satisfaction ratings.

It takes 1/4 of the time to deploy GateKeeper compared to traditional 2FA solutions. So, save time and reduce stress.


GateKeeper Enterprise MFA tokens for proximity access control is an easy way to administer security policies for all PCs and users. Get detailed access logs and verify the authenticity of users logging onto a company’s network locally or remotely.

The admin console, GateKeeper Hub, enables the IT administrator to deploy security policies such as mandatory multi-factor authentication, PC access control lists, and more. Therefore, computers, users, and passwords can be managed from one login.

MFA Token Solution for Secure Login - GateKeeper Enterprise

Easily administer, grant or revoke access with enterprise password management.

Boost workforce productivity while automatically securing access. The GateKeeper password manager solution runs on your network and allows IT administrators to control access to computers and websites for every employee through presence detection MFA tokens. Therefore, easily control passwords and access control from one convenient place.

Automate logging in and out with a wireless MFA token or phone.

Reduces the risk of access discrepancy and login delay.

Stop using insecure timeout policies.

Easily propagate passwords without fussy communications.

Works on computers with shared login accounts.

GateKeeper Enterprise: MSP Password Manager Solution

Evolve to passwordless authentication ASAP. No other MFA security token solution for computers provides such a wide range of advanced features and benefits.

MSP Password Manager Solution for Teams
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