Wireless Security Key

Eliminate passwords with GateKeeper, the wireless security key and password manager. With features like 2-factor wireless authentication, Active Directory integration, shared credentials, and physical access control, GateKeeper Enterprise eliminates internal breaches and maintains HIPAA, GDPR, NIST, and CJIS compliance.

Wireless security key based on Bluetooth 4.0 technology

Access computers, doors, and websites based on proximity

Military-grade AES 256 encryption

Instant OTP and advanced MFA/2FA

HIPAA, GDPR, NIST, CJIS compliance simplified

Track all computer and user activity on the network

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Reduce risk wireless authentication, security, passwords, and compliance.

GateKeeper Halberd ensures that users follow security best practices and adhere to compliance standards (HIPAA, PCI, CJIS, SOX, NIST/DFARS, GDPR) by securing unattended workstations and maintaining strong passwords. This reduces the risk of sensitive information being exposed and organizations being subjected to compliance violation penalties.

Computer locks automatically when user walks away

Continuous 2-factor authentication - not one-time

Unique identifier for users in shared environments

No user information stored on the key fob to steal

Secure workstation when working remotely with your token

Hands-free wireless authentication with Bluetooth technology.

Secure & efficient hands-free BLE authentication

No complex passwords to remember or expensive biometric readers. Just fast, easy-to-use authentication for your entire network.

Logs you in automatically as you approach

Sophisticated ML algorithm learns user behavior, logging in as they approach the workstation.

Locks workstation automatically when you leave.

Your workstation automatically secures when you leave, or manually log out with a press of a button before you exit.

Protects data at the workstation level

No longer is your security a server-wide policy, or dependant on users following strict rules. GateKeeper provides always on security starting at each workstation. 

Real-time analytics for each user and workstation

Using GateKeeper's management console, admins gain valuable knowledge of their network and users with minute-by-minute user activity and location data. 

Automates a standards-compliant user workflow

Let your employees focus on their job instead of changing passwords, locking workstations while remaining compliant.


Access computers without manual passwords with wireless authentication.

GateKeeper Halberd wireless security key provides users a hassle-free login experience by eliminating the need to type or remember passwords, without compromising convenience and productivity. Combat security vulnerabilities such as phishing attacks while logging in and out faster with wireless authentication.

Eliminates manual logins forever through tokenization

Proximity-based lock and unlock functionality

Separate hardware key, no phone/Internet needed

Does not require physical contact with computer

Lightweight and includes a lanyard and key ring

Capterra Best Value for Authentication Jun-20
Capterra Ease of Use for Authentication Jun-20

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