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Seamless biometric authentication into computers and websites.


One-touch biometric computer access.

Convenience is the KEY to better security. GateKeeper Fingerprint provides users a hassle-free login experience by eliminating the need to type or remember passwords, without compromising convenience and productivity.

Eliminates manual logins forever with biometrics

Mitigate accidental insider threats automatically

No cards and passwords to forget or misplace

Combat identity theft with passwordless login

Provision employees faster than traditional methods

On average, a single employee spends 6-8 hours a year typing passwords, with even more time lost forgetting them. GateKeeper saves this time to increase productivity.


Automated time & attendance tracking.

Ending systemic problems including time theft, tardiness, buddy punching, and password sharing. Automate employee attendance tracking while enhancing accountability and productivity.

Reduces login inefficiencies for the company

Fingerprints can't be stolen or misplaced

Inherence factor - no hardware or knowledge to carry

No more passwords to remember or type

Access workstations with secure biometric authentication.


Digital access made quicker, more secure, and paperless.

GateKeeper_fingerprint_key_token_biometric_security_proximity_usb - small

Nothing to carry or remember - you are the key. Just touch and go.


“Gatekeeper works without a hitch…and being your own security key is kind of neat.”


Technical Specifications:

Impossible to recreate fingerprints from stored template data

Super-fast matching against the template database

Supported OS: Windows 7, 8.1, and 10

Actual Fingerprint Template

Supported Fingerprint Readers:

HID DigitalPersona 4500 Fingerprint Reader

HID DigitalPersona 5300 Fingerprint Reader

HID EikonTouch 510 Fingerprint Reader

HID EikonTouch 710 Fingerprint Reader

4 HID Crossmatch readers for GateKeeper Fingerprint biometrics_security_proximity

See GateKeeper proximity access control in action.

Take a self-guided tour of how your proximity-based access control can work.

GateKeeper Enterprise 45-Day Trial

Shift tactics to something that works. All your passwords in one place and only accessible by you. Trial allows you to experience fully automated access and security before full deployment. Try instant multi-factor authentication and worry-free workflow with proximity-based privileged access management.

5 GateKeeper wireless proximity tokens

45 days of automated access control

Premium support & deployment assistance

Discounted first-year subscription

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