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Proximity Lock and Unlock

Why proximity authentication is more secure and convenient than other methods.

2FA: Requires the presence of a GateKeeper token and typing of a secret PIN to authenticate.

Continuous authentication over one-time authentication

Are your employees still plugging in a hardware token to do your 2FA? Still typing passwords as the other factor? Wonder if your fingerprints have been compromised yet? What's the point in spending all that effort trying to be secure if people still must be relied on to do the bulk of the security work? Continuous authentication takes the onus of authentication security away from the users and IT admins. Why keep typing passwords when a key can keep you logged in and lock for you when you leave?

Other hardware tokens require plugging in every time you log in.

USB hardware tokens requires the user to constantly keep plugging in a USB token to login and remove it every time they leave. GateKeeper's proximity authentication solution does not require plugging in your token, ever. As long as you have your key with you, authentication is automatic and web passwords auto-fill. When your token is out of range, the computer will lock.

Other hardware OTP tokens still require the user to type the one-time code properly at every login. Any 2FA mechanism that requires more manual input from the user may not be conducive to a productive workflow. More steps mean more problems and more problems mean more cost, regardless of the investment in the technology solution. Heavy reliance on people tends to diminish the incremental value of technology. The alternative to manual 2FA is using proximity 2FA to reduce the human element and increase automation through presence-detection.

Tap to login or login automatically using proximity-based 2FA token.

Biometrics is immutable and requires user interaction every time.

What happens if passwords get hacked? They get changed and get stronger. What happens when fingerprints are hacked/stolen? You can't make a new fingerprint. If a company uses biometrics for authentication, then the risk of employees having their fingerprints hacked via other means is a risk to bear. Not reusing passwords is important to preventing hacks. But the fingerprint an employee uses at work is the same one they use for a dozen unsecure applications that could have their databases hacked. Tokens, passwords, and PINs can be changed instantly - not biometrics.

Are clinicians, nurses, and doctors going to remove gloves just to scan their fingerprint on an unhygienic fingerprint reader? Take off masks for facial recognition? Keep your gloves, face masks, and PPE gear on—GateKeeper logs users with their presence. When you leave, the PC auto-locks.

RFID cards require scanning and is cost-prohibitive.

How are employees at home or traveling going to login? Are they going to carry an RFID scanner with their laptop everywhere they go? Although RFID cards are cheap to replace, the readers are expensive to maintain and upgrade.

Proximity authentication happens automatically over the air, so there's nothing to scan. GateKeeper also continues to authenticate even after logging in, making the system more secure without relying on human trust. No need to pull out a card every time you log in. Log in and out faster than ever. No tag collisions.

Phone-based SMS OTP is slow and open to spoofing attacks.

Phone-based 2FA requires users to open their phones and type in a code every time they log in. Constantly having to open your phone to login can become very frustrating and intrusive to a person's workflow. Also, this relies on employees having phones or the company issuing phones to their employees. Copmany-issued phones are expensive and not affordable for many. SMS 2FA is also open to spoofing attacks as years of evidence has shown.

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Touchless, contactless, passwordless 2FA solution with continuous authentication. All passwords centralized and only accessible by you with your proximity key fob. Experience fully automated access and security before full deployment. Instant 2FA, auto-OTP, password manager and worry-free workflow with proximity-based privileged access management for Windows 10, 8, 7, and macOS.

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Proximity-based passwordless 2FA

Active Directory integration with admin console

Automatic lock for all workstations

Continuous authentication password manager

Automatic OTP on websites for 2FA

Wireless login for PC, Mac, web, and software

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