The GateKeeper Enterprise Management System for IT teams allows centralized management of all passwords on your network.


GateKeeper software is developed to work alongside your GateKeeper device/phone to keep your computer and passwords secure and protected when you are not nearby.


The GateKeeper software allows you to lock and unlock your computer using your GateKeeper. This software is available for Windows (7+) and Mac OSX (10.13+).

Key features:
- Automatically lock your computer when you walk away
- Multiple login options including Auto-Unlock, Touch-to-Unlock, and 2-Factor Authentication
- Training mode for custom lock range setting
- Machine Learning based on proprietary range algorithm
- Fast and easy registration




(Current Version: 3.2.3)

Use the link below to download the installer for Windows computers with Win 7, 8, 8.1 & 10.

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(Current Version: 3.0.2)

Use the link below to download the setup package for OSX. We only support OSX version 10.13 or above.

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Click  here  for a list of updates to our software.


Use the links below to download the installation and operation manuals for the GateKeeper software.


The new GateKeeper - Halberd - comes with an ultrasonically welded case and a larger battery to give faster lock/unlock responses.

The button on the GateKeeper Halberd can be configured to lock the computer when it is clicked. See the GateKeeper software dashboard for "Click to Lock" option.

The operating distance is roughly 10 - 30 feet in the typical office environment. The lock and unlock distance can be adjusted through the "Training" mode in the application.

You can replace the battery by opening the back of the GateKeeper Halberd. It is a standard coin cell CR2450 battery that can be found in any store.

Yes. With the Enterprise system, we support shared computers like those found in hospitals and common work areas. Please contact us at for more information.

If your computer has internal Bluetooth 4.0 and the USB is pulled, then the GateKeeper will automatically transfer to the internal Bluetooth to keep working without interference.

Yes. You can always log in to Windows and Mac using your username and password.

Certainly! Get the Trident App for Android on the  Google Play Store  or for iPhone on the  iOS App Store.

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