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Enterprise-Ready Identity and Access Management Tool


Eliminate reliance on passwords with GateKeeper's proximity-based solution.

The security threat landscape has become complex and dangerous while security products, services, and regulations are lagging. Chief Technology Officers can experience all-in-one security with GateKeeper.

  1. Key to your Computer
  2. Enterprise Authentication Platform
  3. Web Password Manager
  4. Software Token
  5. Hardware Token
  6. Bluetooth Beacon
  7. Auto-Lock Tool
  8. Auto-Audit Tool
  9. User Management Dashboard
  10. RTLS System

Awareness, training, procedure, culture, and policy are important. But prevention is where it all begins.



Utilize advanced 2-factor authentication to gain a competitive advantage against cyber threats.



Re-architect how your people work by removing obstacles, slowdowns, and bad habits while reducing IT costs.



GateKeeper Enterprise eliminates the risk of unauthorized access and internal data breaches.



Our proprietary proximity-based authentication technology allows for granular security, but with hassle-free use.

Easy to adopt. Works instantly.

Cyber threats are powerful yet stealthy. Vigilance is key. GateKeeper provides a win-win scenario in terms of usability and security - there's no tradeoff.

Deploy the longest passwords without the need to ever remember them.

Enhance security through the highest levels of password entropy.

The best support mechanism for your clients and staff to meet security challenges.

Future-proof against threats to come as GateKeeper’s versatility allows for continuous development.

"I work in the healthcare industry supporting software for hospitals. I often lock my computer when I step away and I wanted to try something much easier to lock and unlock. I found this GateKeeper and wanted to give it a try.

Pros: Simple to setup, very compact, lightweight, wireless, options for lock only when walking away, options for lock and unlock, option to enter pin to unlock, customize distance away to lock.

Cons: None"

Charlie B., Reviewer Rank #1,436

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