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"I’ve been very impressed with the evolution of the Gatekeeper platform.  Their people have been very quick to respond and eager to refine an exceptional product.  For security on critical workstations, I rely on Gatekeeper to make sure that only users who should have access, get access."

Mike Sikkema, Owner
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Additional USB Bluetooth Sensor


Additional USB Bluetooth Sensor 00011

GateKeeper USB Bluetooth sensor (dongle) is one part of the GateKeeper system to keep your computer secured. It acts as the Bluetooth receiver for your computer. GateKeeper supports multiple dongles per computer to enhance the signal. If you have more computers than users, you can buy additional USB receivers to enable GateKeeper access to those computers. Even if your comptuer has Bluetooth, we highly recommend using additional receivers to boost your computer's signal coverage to more accurately detect tokens.

GateKeeper also supports internal Bluetooth receivers on Win 10 computers. However, the performance of the software will always be significantly higher with the GateKeeper USB sensor than with the internal Bluetooth receiver.

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Additional USB Bluetooth Sensor Additional USB Bluetooth Sensor Additional USB Bluetooth Sensor Additional USB Bluetooth Sensor

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