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Additional USB Bluetooth Proximity Sensor


Additional USB Bluetooth Proximity Sensor 00011

GateKeeper USB Bluetooth proximity sensor (dongle) is one part of the GateKeeper system to keep your computer secured. It acts as the Bluetooth receiver for your computer. GateKeeper supports multiple dongles per computer to enhance the signal. If you have more computers than users, you can buy additional USB receivers to enable GateKeeper access to those computers. Even if your computer has Bluetooth, we highly recommend using additional proximity sensors to boost your computer's signal coverage to more accurately detect tokens.

GateKeeper also supports internal Bluetooth receivers on Win 10 computers. However, the performance of the software will always be significantly higher with the GateKeeper USB sensor than with the internal Bluetooth receiver.

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Additional USB Bluetooth Proximity Sensor Additional USB Bluetooth Proximity Sensor Additional USB Bluetooth Proximity Sensor Additional USB Bluetooth Proximity Sensor

"They always answer the phone and someone is available to help. Emails are answered immediately."

Mark Natale
IT Director
Iron County Medical Center

"...the device automatically locks my computer when I move away from my desk. It logs me in when I move closer to my computer. That saves me re-typing my Windows password - or forgetting to lock my computer when I leave my desk. Very slick and very secure."


"Most screens auto-lock...but that's easily long enough for somebody to glance through your emails or copy your data somewhere else which with the introduction of GDPR in May could prove a legislative nightmare and risk for your company.

It's a simple idea, extremely effective and greatly improves workstation security in your business and employees love it as most importantly it is easy to use. GateKeeper allows for very complex passwords to be set on servers as no one needs to remember them."

Rob Butterworth
Custard Technical Services

"GateKeeper Is a Wireless, Smart PC Key Straight Out of Spy Movies"


"We had problems with people posting there passwords near their computer because they would forget them. Also people having to remember many different passwords for applications and customer web portals.

I was looking for a replacement for my old biometric access control software. We are a small company and I wanted to find a proximity-based access."

Dan Long, MIS Director
Branch Manufacturing Co

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