A small object used as a cover for webcams on monitors, laptops, tablets, and phones to prevent potential unauthorized parties from being able to see. This is useful in case someone gains unauthorized access to your webcam.

A phishing attack that targets high-value individuals of an organization or company (i.e. CEO, CFO, CISO, CTO, CIO, etc.) through social engineering. Also known as a CEO attack, Whaling is a phishing attack on a high-ranked individual at an organization through social engineering.

White hat hacking, also known as ethical hacking, refers to penetrating the system of an organization with its permission to test its vulnerabilities and risks. The firm hires white hat hackers or computer security experts to break the security system of a network to identify and fix the potential vulnerabilities that a cybercriminal might exploit. 

According to studies, over 30% of all support tickets are related to password resets/forgotten passwords.

Enterprise 2FA and password manager. One key for all your passwords. Experience fully automated login and security. Faster MFA, auto-OTP, password manager, and worry-free workflow with proximity-based privileged access management for Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, VPNs, desktop applications, and websites.

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Proximity-based MFA login

Active Directory integration with admin console

Automatic lock for all workstations

Continuous authentication password manager

Automatic OTP on websites for 2FA

Wireless login for desktops, VPNs, web, and software

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