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Installing GateKeeper Client

  • GateKeeper has two different software requirements depending on whether it is a single-user setup (no network) or a multi-user enterprise setup on a network. If you are a single user without a network, download the “Single-user” version for Windows or Mac:
  • If you are an IT admin with a network, please download the Enterprise version of the Client software from the Customer Portal for Windows or Mac:
  • If you are an admin for your organization, you will require 1) the Hub server software for admins and 2) the Client software for all end user computers.

Multi-user GateKeeper Enterprise Client desktop software download

For GateKeeper Enterprise, admins must set up a GateKeeper Hub admin console (either on the cloud or installed on-premise).

Then, every computer that will use GateKeeper must have the GateKeeper Client application software for Enterprise installed (multi-user). Login to the customer portal and go to the Software tab and download the Windows or Mac version of the GateKeeper Enterprise Client application on all computers.

1GateKeeper Hub (Admin console)Link to Set Up
2Enterprise Client application (for desktops)Link to Download
GateKeeper Proximity Enterprise customer portal login for password-free 2FA with a hardware token.
GateKeeper Proximity Enterprise Client application for passwordless proximity login for Windows and Mac.
GateKeeper Client desktop application for download in the customer portal.

Download GateKeeper Client desktop software for personal use.

If you are a personal user, download the personal GateKeeper Client version for single users from the homepage:

GateKeeper Proximity software for individual users - passwordless MFA login.

This setup only requires the user to download the GateKeeper Client application (Windows or Mac) – on their computer. 

Personal user Client application:Link to Download

Client application on employees’ computers locking workstations automatically and wirelessly.

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