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GateKeeper Halberd and USB Sensor explained.

To ensure the most optimal automated proximity authentication experience, please use a minimum of 2 USB sensors (receivers) in dedicated ports. Many computers come with internal Bluetooth, but to ensure consistency in UNLOCKING and LOCKING performance, we highly recommend using at least 2 GateKeeper-issued USB sensors.

We recommend placing the 2 USB sensors in locations that will be

1) in as much direct line of sight to the GateKeeper as possible (if your computer is a desktop under your desk, do not insert the USB sensor into the back of the computer and away from the user – use a USB extension cable to place the USB sensor facing the user and their GateKeeper token).

2) as close to your GateKeeper key as possible while you’re working (if you’re sitting at a desk, place a USB sensor under the desk and right above your pocket that has your GateKeeper).

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