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How GateKeeper Proximity Works?

GateKeeper is a wireless proximity authentication solution to log in to your computer and websites instantly while maintaining a strong security posture using continuous authentication. Unlike traditional 2FA solutions that only authenticate the user at one point in time (the login), GateKeeper continues to ensure that the right user is present 24/7 using presence detection.

Components of GateKeeper

GateKeeper consists of 5 components:

  1. Token: a wireless token comes in a standalone device or your Android phone.
    • GateKeeper Halberd hard token
    • GateKeeper Trident app soft token
  2. USB proximity sensor to enable Bluetooth Low Energy communication for the computer.
  3. Client application: a software application that runs on the computer to allow authentication to work.
  4. Web browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and more.
  5. Hub admin console for IT managers to centralize password, user, and computer management.

Once the Client application is installed on a computer, a user can register a GateKeeper hard or soft token with it, and associate a domain or local credential with it. Now, when the GateKeeper token is brought close to the computer, the user can log in either automatically or using 2FA/MFA. When the token moves out of range, the computer will automatically lock.

The web browser extension allows the user to save usernames and passwords for websites. Credentials will auto-fill in the username and password fields whenever website is visited.

With a GateKeeper Enterprise subscription, you also get access to the GateKeeper Hub admin console which is used to set up user authorizations on all computers on the network, centrally manage user tokens and credentials, and also collect audit logs from all computers on the network for compliance needs.

Login Options

There are four different options for a user to use when logging in without typing a password. Each one has its tradeoffs between convenience and security.

Automatic Login:Proximity login – once the user is in the range of the computer, the user will be authenticated.
Press Enter to Login:Intent-oriented log in. When the token is in range of the computer, pressing the Enter key will authenticate the user. Best in places with many employees so that GateKeeper knows it’s time to log someone in.
Touch Login:Touch the token to the USB sensor to authenticate – just like an NFC card reader.
GateKeeper with PIN Login:2FA: Requires the presence of a GateKeeper token and typing of a secret PIN to authenticate.

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