Access control is the selective process of granting or denying permission to gain access to system (e.g. a computer, data) or a physical location (door, office, building).

Active Directory (AD) is a directory service for Windows domain networks. AD is responsible for authenticating and authorizing users on the network.

An Advanced Persistent Threat (“APT”) is a cyber attack in which a team of intruders use continuous, sophisticated hacking techniques to establish a long-term presence on a network, intending to breach highly sensitive data.

AES-256 encryption is a standard U.S. block cipher algorithm for protecting (encrypting) data at rest.

Anti-Virus Solution is software designed to recognize and protect against malware infections and unauthorized access of digital data. They are an essential component in a good cybersecurity system, as they safeguard against many popular forms of cyber attacks, which may include ransomware, spyware, or trojans.

The attack surface is the sum of all possible attack directions ("attack vectors") in an environment. There are two types of attack surfaces: physical and digital.

Auditing refers to the process of evaluating the process and systems of an organization's IT infrastructure to determine effectiveness, security, and efficiency. This empowers companies to take targeted, preemptive action in properly strengthening their IT processes and operations.

According to studies, over 30% of all support tickets are related to password resets/forgotten passwords.

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