Boosting Efficiency in Manufacturing - excessive login prevention

Boosting Efficiency in Manufacturing: Impact of Excessive Logins

The manufacturing industry operates in a high-pressure environment where efficiency is paramount, and every minute counts. Boosting efficiency in manufacturing is a never-ending pursuit. Ironically, one time-consuming task that often gets overlooked in this industry is the excessive logins to PCs and desktop applications. This article will delve into the time wasted on these activities and how GateKeeper Enterprise can alleviate these inefficiencies.

Quantifying the Problem

Let’s take a hypothetical example of an average manufacturing employee who logs into a system or application approximately 20 times per day. Suppose it takes around 20 seconds each time for entering a username and password, dealing with occasional mistyped credentials, and waiting for authentication. This equates to 400 seconds, or roughly 6.7 minutes per day. Multiplied by an estimated 250 workdays in a year, this results in approximately 28 hours spent just on logins annually, for EACH USER. Multiply this by the number of employees in a facility, and the time wasted is substantial.

This wasted time doesn’t just affect productivity; it also impacts overall manufacturing speeds and, ultimately, the company’s bottom line.

The Impact on Error Rates

The more often employees have to manually enter credentials, the higher the probability of errors – mistyped passwords, forgotten login details, and locked accounts. These errors not only waste time but also increase the workload of IT departments, which need to handle these issues. A Ponemon Institute study found that, on average, 30-50% of all IT help desk calls are for password resets, further illustrating the scale of the problem.

The GateKeeper Enterprise Solution

GateKeeper Enterprise offers a unique solution to these challenges. It provides a seamless, automated login process based on the user’s physical presence, eliminating the need for manual password entry.

a) Efficiency: GateKeeper Enterprise significantly reduces the time spent on logins by automating the process. This time saving can be redirected towards more productive tasks, leading to improved manufacturing speeds and overall productivity.

b) Error Reduction: By eliminating manual password entry, GateKeeper Enterprise reduces the possibility of login errors and subsequent IT help desk calls. This solution can thereby decrease error-related delays and ensure that manufacturing stays on schedule. This is an easy way of boosting efficiency in manufacturing facilities.

c) Security: Despite simplifying the login process, GateKeeper Enterprise doesn’t compromise on security. Its multi-factor authentication offers robust protection, balancing ease of access with stringent security requirements.

In conclusion, excessive manual logins can prove to be a hidden drain on manufacturing productivity. GateKeeper Enterprise presents a solution that not only saves time but also reduces errors and enhances security. For IT managers and manufacturing facility owners, this tool offers an opportunity to significantly improve operational efficiency, manufacturing speeds, and ultimately, profitability.

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