GateKeeper Auto Lock

GateKeeper Auto Lock Key Solution for PCs

September 3, 2023

The Future of Security: GateKeeper Auto Lock—Automatically Locking Computers for Maximum Safety and Convenience In today’s world, where cybersecurity threats are ever-evolving and data breaches are rampant, safeguarding your digital assets is paramount. Conventional security methods rely heavily on human behavior—specifically, on users remembering to lock their computers when they step away. While companies invest…

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Security Gaps from Human Errors

Find Solutions to your Security Gaps from Human Errors

September 2, 2023

Cybersecurity has evolved into an integral component of the digital age, yet the archaic methods of password management employed by organizations expose them to catastrophic financial and reputational risks. From weak passwords to shared login credentials, the seemingly inconsequential decisions concerning password management could be monumental in terms of the financial implications. In this article,…

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Tailgating Prevention Risks of Leaving Sessions Open on PCs

Tailgating Prevention Solution: Risks of Leaving Sessions Open on PCs

September 1, 2023

The Risks of Leaving Sessions Open on PCs in Hospitals: Tailgating and Costly Errors Why a Tailgating Prevention Solution is Necessary Hospitals have always been on the frontline of utilizing technology to enhance patient care and operational efficiency. One area where technology is particularly vital is in the Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems. However, the…

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Inefficient Login Workflows

Hidden Costs of Inefficient Login Workflows: A Quantitative Look at Lost Productivity

August 31, 2023

In any business, time is money. But what if we told you that a seemingly minor inconvenience—inefficient login workflows—is actually a hidden drain on your resources? Problems like mistyped credentials, forgotten passwords, and lack of communication on password changes may appear small, but their cumulative effect on productivity can be staggering. Let’s delve into the…

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VPN 2fa - MFA for VPN Solution

Why You Need 2FA for VPNs

August 29, 2023

Introduction to 2FA for VPNs The global shift towards remote work has made Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) more crucial than ever, providing the lifeline that connects remote workers to their organization’s critical resources. However, as with any technology, VPNs are not devoid of vulnerabilities. It is vital for businesses to go the extra mile to…

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Password hygiene explained

Password Hygiene Explained

August 24, 2023

Passwords are like the keys to your personal and professional kingdoms. However, in a world rife with cyber threats, using a “123456” or “password” simply won’t do. This brings us to the concept of ‘Password Hygiene,’ an essential practice that everyone—from individual users to IT managers—needs to understand and implement. This article breaks down what…

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Hospital Cyber Risks of Computers

Hospital Cyber Risks of Computers in High-Traffic Areas

August 23, 2023

The Silent Threat: Cybersecurity Risks of Computers in High-Traffic Public Areas like Hospitals Introduction As organizations strive for efficiency and ease of use, they increasingly deploy computer systems in public and high-traffic areas. Hospitals are no exception, featuring computers at nursing stations, reception desks, and patient rooms. While these placements serve operational needs, they pose…

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Secure Remote Workforce Computers Automatically using GateKeeper Proximity

Secure Remote Workforce Computers Automatically using GateKeeper Proximity

August 22, 2023

Remote work is becoming the norm rather than the exception, and cybersecurity has never been more critical. Remote workers often connect to corporate networks from various locations, substantially expanding the threat surface. IT managers have a Herculean task of not just managing these complex setups but also ensuring top-notch security for both computers and sensitive…

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Does RADIUS support 2FA

Does RADIUS support 2FA?

August 21, 2023

Does RADIUS Support Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)? Unpacking the Synergy Introduction As network environments grow increasingly complex and security concerns reach new heights, the need for robust authentication methods becomes more pressing. Two popular technologies in the network security space are Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service (RADIUS) and Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). A common question that arises…

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