Secure Remote Workforce Computers Automatically using GateKeeper Proximity

Secure Remote Workforce Computers Automatically using GateKeeper Proximity

Remote work is becoming the norm rather than the exception, and cybersecurity has never been more critical. Remote workers often connect to corporate networks from various locations, substantially expanding the threat surface. IT managers have a Herculean task of not just managing these complex setups but also ensuring top-notch security for both computers and sensitive corporate data. Enter GateKeeper Enterprise, a next-level cybersecurity solution that combines 2FA, a password manager, and proximity-based technologies to provide a seamless yet secure workflow experience. In this article, we’ll delve into why every IT manager should consider implementing GateKeeper Proximity to protect their remote workforce’s computers.

The Challenges to Secure Remote Workforce Computers

While remote work offers flexibility and a range of other benefits, it also presents numerous cybersecurity challenges:

  1. Human Error: Employees often forget to lock their computers when stepping away, making them susceptible to unauthorized access.
  2. Password Vulnerabilities: Weak or reused passwords can be an entry point for cybercriminals.
  3. Multi-device Complexity: Employees frequently use multiple devices to access corporate data, complicating security protocols.

Why Choose GateKeeper Enterprise?

GateKeeper Enterprise is uniquely designed to mitigate these challenges by offering a multi-layered approach to security and convenience.

1. Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

GateKeeper Enterprise offers robust 2FA options, adding an extra layer of security that goes beyond just password protection. This means even if a password is compromised, unauthorized access is still prevented.

2. Password Manager

Your employees can say goodbye to the difficulties of remembering multiple, complex passwords. The built-in password manager generates, stores, and auto-fills passwords, so employees don’t have to. GateKeeper even has an RDP feature to allow employees to automatically open their password manager during remote sessions.

3. Proximity-based Locking and Unlocking

Using state-of-the-art proximity-based technology, GateKeeper locks the computer as soon as an employee steps away and unlocks it when they return. This offers a dual advantage: security is enhanced, and the workflow remains uninterrupted.

Key Benefits for IT Managers

Simplified Management

The centralized management console allows IT managers to control user access, set security policies, and monitor real-time activity—all from a single dashboard.

Enhanced Compliance

GateKeeper Enterprise helps in meeting industry regulations and compliance standards such as HIPAA, PCI, and GDPR by providing a secure environment for data storage and access.

Improved Productivity

Automated locking and unlocking of computers save employees the time and hassle involved in manual operations, allowing them to focus on tasks that truly matter.

Rapid Deployment

The hybrid hardware-software nature of GateKeeper makes it easy to deploy across various systems without requiring complex configurations.


In today’s landscape, IT managers need every tool at their disposal to safeguard their networks and data. GateKeeper Enterprise offers a comprehensive, automated solution that not only enhances security but also improves the overall workflow. It’s a smart investment in ensuring that your remote workforce operates in a secure and efficient ecosystem. Secure remote workforce computers and future-proof your organization’s cybersecurity posture through automation. Check out reviews of GateKeeper Enteprise.

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