Manufacturing cyber security solution.

Security and Accessibility on the Shop Floor: The GateKeeper Solution in Manufacturing

August 31, 2021

Modern manufacturing sits at the confluence of both traditional and digitally-focused working practices. Humans continue to play a critical role in manufacturing. Now, more than ever, supporting humans with state-of-the-art systems on the shop floor is crucial for both enterprise cybersecurity and productivity. However, access to these systems may not be in step with the…

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Work from home computer security solution.

How to Protect Laptops for a Mobile Workforce

August 30, 2021

There are more people working offsite than ever before. With a growing mobile workforce, so much for all those concrete walls, CCTV cameras, and turnstiles that require ID badges to get in. These defenses no longer protect the computers that were once inside. The computers are now scattered throughout the world in homes, apartments, coffee…

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2FA Case Study.

Passwords in the Finance Industry

August 27, 2021

WINTER PARK, Fla., Aug. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — GateKeeper Enterprise, the innovative proximity-based two-factor authentication solution, announced the release of its 2FA case study with BARR Financial Services, LLC, a financial advisory firm based in Winter Park, Florida. After deploying the patented GateKeeper authentication solution, BARR Financial slashed its helpdesk ticket requests by a 50 percent. Kirk BARR Young, the…

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Preventing stolen passwords.

Crazy Ways Hackers can Steal your Passwords

August 17, 2021

Cybercriminals are getting more sophisticated in their methods and use of technology when executing cyber attacks. Walls, fences, gates, turnstiles, guards, CCTV cameras – these all protect access. But passwords require digital walls, digital fences, digital turnstiles, and digital guards. Solutions like 2FA, password managers, IAM, SSO, and others make protecting passwords against password theft…

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Continuous authentication explained.

What is Continuous Authentication?

August 10, 2021

Continuous Authentication explained. Continuous authentication/continuous 2FA is an advanced method of identity verification. This mechanism runs the authentication protocol an ongoing basis from the start of a session to the end. Rather than authenticating just at the start, the authentication mechanism continues to re-verify the user’s identity throughout the whole session. Continuous authentication fits the…

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Password problems solved. GateKeeper Proximity password manager for enterpise.

Prevent Password Problems

August 5, 2021

Playing the password game isn’t hard – but winning at it is like playing chess with no way to checkmate the opponent. That’s going to cause a lot of password stress for both IT admins and end users at any organization. Learn how to checkmate password problems before they occur. Prevention is probably the best…

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MDC login solution - GateKeeper Proximity security key.

Seamless MDT Login with Auto-Lock for Patrol Cars

August 4, 2021

Compliance requirements for law enforcement’s MDTs are getting stricter and requires a solution that meets the needs of both the user’s ease-of-use and the IT team’s need for stronger security. It’s ironic that accessing a car has gotten faster and easier while accessing a computer has only gotten more complex and time-consuming. MDTs generally require…

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Login to shared clinical computers.

Shared Clinical Workstation Security and Access

August 3, 2021

Clinical computers are usually shared chaotically between clinicians and present unique vulnerabilities for IT teams in the healthcare ecosystem. The shared clinical workstation is used by physicians for nearly everything: login to EHR to look up patient charts, reporting, scheduling (i.e. surgery), order entry, medication, admission, and more. With so much going on in such…

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Insider threat prevention solutions.

Automatically Lock Computer When You Walk Away

August 2, 2021

Automatically lock computers when users walk away, both at the office and offsite. Lock unattended computers automatically when users step away using GateKeeper Proximity’s computer auto-lock feature. As long as the user’s token is present, the computer will remain logged in. The computer will automatically lock to ensure computer security policy as soon as the…

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