Challenges of IT Management in Manufacturing

Challenges of IT Management in Manufacturing

Challenges of IT Management in Manufacturing

The role of IT managers in the manufacturing sector is pivotal in maintaining system reliability, streamlining operations, and protecting data integrity. In such a demanding and complex environment, these professionals face a unique set of challenges. Here we will outline these hurdles and demonstrate how an innovative solution like GateKeeper Enterprise can help overcome the worst challenges of IT management in manufacturing.

Ensuring Operational Continuity

Manufacturing facilities operate on tight schedules with little room for downtime. IT managers are tasked with ensuring continuous system availability, making routine maintenance and updates a daunting task.

Solution with GateKeeper Enterprise: GateKeeper Enterprise allows IT managers to automate system access, freeing up valuable time to conduct essential maintenance without disrupting production schedules.

Managing Cybersecurity Risks

Cybersecurity is a significant concern in manufacturing, where breaches can result in production shutdowns and valuable intellectual property theft. According to the 2020 IBM report, the average cost of a data breach in the industrial sector was $5.4 million, making the stakes very high.

Solution with GateKeeper Enterprise: GateKeeper Enterprise provides robust multi-factor authentication, significantly reducing the risk of unauthorized system access. It automates the locking of unattended computers, reducing the window of vulnerability to potential threats.

Handling Compliance Requirements

Manufacturing industries are often subject to strict regulatory standards that require secure and traceable access to systems. IT managers have to ensure compliance without compromising operational efficiency.

Solution with GateKeeper Enterprise: GateKeeper Enterprise offers precise user auditing and tracking features. It logs all system access, providing a traceable record that can be used to demonstrate compliance during audits.

Balancing Access and Security on the Shop Floor

IT managers must balance ease of access for employees and security. Complex passwords can enhance security but also create barriers for staff and slow down workflows.

Solution with GateKeeper Enterprise: With its proximity-based automated access, GateKeeper Enterprise eliminates the need for complex passwords while maintaining high-security standards. This balance can significantly improve workflow efficiency without sacrificing security.

Maintaining a Lean IT Department

Manufacturing companies often operate with lean principles, including their IT departments. Thus, IT managers must handle a multitude of tasks with limited resources.

Solution with GateKeeper Enterprise: By automating system access and security protocols, GateKeeper Enterprise reduces the time IT managers spend on these tasks. This tool also simplifies IT compliance and auditing processes, allowing IT managers to concentrate on strategic initiatives.

GateKeeper Enterprise emerges as an effective solution to address these challenges faced by IT managers in manufacturing. By offering secure, automated access, it enhances cybersecurity, boosts operational efficiency, and helps ensure regulatory compliance, making it a powerful ally for any manufacturing IT department. See how IT managers are implementing new solutions on the shop floor in one of our case studies or white papers. Check out reviews of GateKeeper Enterprise on G2 by other IT managers in manufacturing.

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