Enterprise 2FA Solution for Faster Workflows

Enterprise 2FA Solution for Faster Workflows

In an enterprise environment, balancing speed and security is a challenging endeavor. The high cost of data breaches makes robust security indispensable, while the competitive market demands efficiency at every level. Enter GateKeeper Proximity—a groundbreaking 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) solution that not only enhances security but also significantly optimizes workflow speed. In this article, we’ll dive into how GateKeeper’s enterprise 2FA solution for faster workflows transforms operations, backed by compelling data and calculations.

The GateKeeper Workflow: A Quick Overview

GateKeeper Proximity offers an innovative approach to 2FA. Here’s how it works:

  1. User Receives GateKeeper Token: Each user is given a unique proximity token.
  2. PIN Authentication: Users enter a unique PIN known only to them.
  3. Proximity-based 2FA: The presence of the token serves as the second authentication factor.
  4. Immediate PC Access: The user gains immediate access to their PC.
  5. Auto-fill Credentials: GateKeeper will auto-fill passwords for all websites and applications, from VPNs to EHRs, effectively requiring zero passwords to be remembered.

Time Savings: Backed by Calculations

Scenario: Traditional 2FA vs. GateKeeper

Let’s consider a mid-sized enterprise organization with 500 employees.

  • Traditional 2FA: It takes an average of 30 seconds for an employee to receive an OTP (One-Time Password) on their phone and input it to log in.
  • GateKeeper Proximity: It takes around 5 seconds for a user to log in using the GateKeeper token and PIN.

Traditional 2FA Time Cost:

  • Per login: 30 seconds
  • Per day (assuming 8 logins/day): or 4 minutes
  • Per year per employee: 4×250=1000 minutes or approximately 16.7 hours
  • For 500 employees: 16.7×500=8350 hours

GateKeeper Time Cost:

  • Per login: 5 seconds
  • Per day:
  • Per year per employee: or approximately 2.8 hours
  • For 500 employees: 2.8×500=1400 hours

The Verdict

By switching to GateKeeper, an organization could save 8350−1400=6950 hours annually. With the average IT labor cost being about $50 per hour, this equates to a potential cost saving of 6950 \times 50 = $347,500 annually.

Beyond Time: The Value of Zero Passwords

Remembering multiple passwords is one of the most significant pain points for employees. The auto-fill feature by GateKeeper completely eliminates this hassle, further enhancing productivity.

  • Reduced Helpdesk Tickets: Approximately 30-50% of all helpdesk tickets are related to password resets. Each ticket costs an average of $15 to resolve. The zero-password feature can, therefore, result in substantial cost savings.

Streamlined Compliance

GateKeeper is also a valuable asset for enterprises that need to comply with strict data security standards like HIPAA and GDPR. By offering 2FA and secure, auditable access logs, GateKeeper assists in making the compliance process smoother and more straightforward.


GateKeeper Proximity is not just a security solution; it’s an enterprise productivity booster. Its innovative workflow offers significant time savings, thereby directly translating into cost reductions. Furthermore, features like zero-password and compliance support make it a comprehensive enterprise solution. For organizations looking to optimize their workflows without compromising on security, GateKeeper is the best enterprise 2FA solution for faster workflows.

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