Assistive technology solution for logging into computers.

GateKeeper Assistive Technology for Logging In

The best office tech helps you get your work done with efficiency and convenience. But when you’re working with a disability, challenges to that kind of unthinking ease can crop up throughout the day. Assistive technology for logging into computers.

Touchless password tech can help. GateKeeper type-free login offers simple and elegant tech that unlocks your computer with nothing but the presence of your smart token or phone—quickly simplifying your workday.

For individuals with mobility, vision, and attention-related disabilities, adopting touchless tech is a simple step that helps smooth out workplace difficulties, all while protecting your privacy and warding off IT issues.

Mobility Impairments

Touchless tech is a broad enough feature to help with a wide range of physical disabilities. Whether you use key guards, a voice output communication aid, or an eye-motion tracker, a password device will work as long as you’re close enough to a computer.

Unlike other “touchless” tech—think car keys—the GateKeeper model doesn’t require the use of your hands at any point. It adapts well across wheelchair use, prosthetics and individualized tech systems alike.

Depending on the specific tech you use to operate your computer, you might find extra challenges keeping up with office scheduling and output. Touchless tech cuts down on the time you spend entering your password. It’s a time-saving device that can add up to large margins over the course of your career.

This doesn’t just save minutes—it also removes a step between showing up and starting work, helping to simplify your mental dashboard and reduce stress.

Visual Impairments

GateKeeper can benefit individuals with visual impairments, too. Unlike other forms of password technology, it doesn’t have to be manipulated to work with Braille keyboards or screen readers. Instead, it’s based on physical proximity and functions without the need for adaptation.

If you have a visual impairment, you may have encountered an IT problem that snowballed from a seemingly simple task to a time-consuming and stressful experience. With GateKeeper, you won’t have to worry about tech support tickets or password resets.

Touchless tech provides some much-needed privacy, too. Maybe your password is highly personal; maybe you use it across a range of accounts and don’t want coworkers or aides to know your personal information. With a touchless password token, you won’t have to share the full text of passwords with others.

Assistive technology - VPAT.

Attention Disorders

Some individuals with attention disorders face password-related difficulties. If you frequently forget passwords, touchless tech can make a powerful difference in your office experience.

With this technology, you won’t have to reset passwords or make reminder notes again. Creating password storage documents or maintaining spreadsheets will no longer be necessary.

Instead, the GateKeeper smart key meshes with your phone and simplifies the steps needed to login. Presence-based assistive technology for logins and logouts. Instead of remembering secure passwords—which often require jumbled combinations of letters, numbers, and characters—your password is preserved, working for you instead of requiring you to memorize alphabet soup. When touchless tech is in place, you can focus on your work instead of diverting attention toward storing, remembering, and even typing your passwords. You also won’t have to embark on the time-consuming (and frustrating!) process of password resets. You can also use your phone as your password token.

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