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GateKeeper Enterprise Wins Multiple Awards in G2’s Best Software Awards 2023

GateKeeper Enterprise by Untethered Labs, Inc., a leading provider of password-free authentication solution, has been recognized by G2, the world’s leading peer-to-peer review site for software and services, in the Spring 2023 Best Software Awards. The company has won multiple awards in several categories, including Fastest Implementation, Easiest Setup, Easiest Admin, Easiest To Use, Best Meets Requirements, Best Support, Easiest To Do Business With, and High Performer. GateKeeper Enterprise is consistently recognized for its excellence in providing password-free authentication solutions since 2017, winning multiple awards in various categories every year.

The G2 Best Software Awards are highly respected in the software industry and are based on reviews from verified users. Tens of thousands of people reviewed and shared the awards within 24 hours of launch, and millions more use it as a resource when selecting software. Check out reviews of GateKeeper Enterprise on G2.

G2’s Best Software Awards 2023

“We’re thrilled to have GateKeeper Enterprise recognized by G2 and our clients in multiple categories,” said Dr. Sid Potbhare, CEO of Untethered Labs. “These awards are a testament to our commitment to providing easy-to-use, secure, and efficient password-free authentication solutions to our customers. We thank our customers for their trust and support, and we will continue to strive for excellence.” Untethered Labs continues to develop new features and products to enhance the digital and logical login experience.

GateKeeper Enterprise Awards and Badges 2023

GateKeeper Enterprise’s patented proximity-based authentication solution offers a faster and easy-to-implement alternative to traditional passwords. Organizations in various industries, including healthcare, financial services, government, and education have adopted the GateKeeper Proximity 2FA solution. Healthcare clinicians can access EHRs without tediously typing in passwords multiple times in a row. A manufacturing employee no longer has to remember changing passwords to shared PCs. Reducing reliance on passwords means fewer problems. Fewer problems means increased productivity. Many clients choose GateKeeper for the frictionless way it integrates with existing user workflows.

About GateKeeper Enterprise

GateKeeper Enterprise provides proximity-based authentication solutions that enable fast and secure access to computers, websites, and desktop applications. The company’s solutions help organizations increase security, reduce costs, and improve productivity. Experience massive productivity benefits while silently increasing security strength. For more information regarding proximity-based 2FA, visit

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