GateKeeper Enterprise Won Rising Star Award from B2B Platform

GateKeeper Enterprise is the recipient of two awards from CompareCamp: the Rising Star Award and the Great User Experience Award. Industry experts and active users that have evaluated and compared numerous identity management software before choosing GateKeeper Proximity.

CompareCamp is a credible B2B review platform that is considered as the leading authority when it comes to transparent and neutral SaaS reviews. Its group of experts uses a multi-factor scoring technique to provide readers and users with an honest evaluation of tools and features available for businesses. Its goal is to help users in making intelligent software investments and business decisions.

GateKeeper Enterprise received the Great User Experience Award because it offers a seamless approach to foolproof workplace security. It provides users optimum workflow convenience with tools that auto-lock and auto-unlock computer units. Moreover, the robust security that GateKeeper Enterprise provides by removing the need to type password is pioneering the field with a remarkable level of speed and rate of accuracy when it comes to password identification. In conclusion, features including web access control, two-factor PIN authentication, and touch login highly impressed reviewers. The solution offer IT admins a dynamic solution to problematic password management.

GateKeeper Enterprise also received the Rising Star of 2019 Award. The Rising Star of 2019 Award is given to software from different industries that receive the most number of shining recommendations and positive reviews from CompareCamp readers. GateKeeper Enterprise received this award as it received numerous positive reviews from users. To read the full review of GateKeeper Enterprise tools and features, please visit CompareCamp.

About GateKeeper Proximity

Automating security culture across the world, the GateKeeper password manager enhances compliance and cybersecurity through mass automated authentication. Therefore, through efficient wireless authentication, GateKeeper protects networks from internal breaches and confidential data exposure with patented technology. The solution includes two-factor authentication, centralized password management, and comprehensive auditing. The solution reduces support time and costs while enhancing security and compliance. Award-winning, patented, passwordless proximity passwords foe enterprise organizations. For more information, please visit or email Or, read about other 2FA and password manager case studies and white papers on our webite.

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