How MSPS can boost revenue with GateKeeper Enterprise

How MSPs Can Boost Revenue with GateKeeper Enterprise

As a Managed Service Provider (MSP), your top priority is to provide your clients with robust, secure, and innovative solutions to address their evolving technological needs. With the cyber threat landscape expanding more than ever before, it’s crucial to offer solutions that not only meet current security standards but also anticipate and counter future threats.

GateKeeper Enterprise is an award-winning, powerful automated password management and network access control solution (2FA). This innovative tool not only bolsters your security offering but also adds an effective stream of passive income to your business model.

How MSPs can Boost Revenue: GateKeeper Enterprise 

As you well know, the modern digital landscape is fraught with complex cybersecurity challenges. From phishing to malware to data breaches, businesses are constantly facing threats that could cost them millions of dollars and their hard-earned reputation.

GateKeeper Enterprise offers a novel solution that bypasses traditional password-based vulnerabilities. Its passwordless security solutions provide automated login capabilities, proximity-based lock and unlock, and advanced network access control.

But what does this mean for your clients? It means an unparalleled level of security, ease-of-use, and a significant reduction in password-related support tickets. Moreover, the comprehensive auditing and reporting capabilities provided by GateKeeper Enterprise make compliance with regulatory standards like HIPAA, CJIS, and DFARS a breeze.

Growing Your Passive Income

But why should MSPs choose to resell GateKeeper Enterprise? Apart from the obvious addition of an advanced security solution to your portfolio, the opportunity to earn passive income is enticing.

As a GateKeeper Enterprise reseller, you’ll receive a percentage of the revenue generated from each sale. This income doesn’t stop with the initial purchase; you’ll continue to earn from subscription renewals, offering a lucrative opportunity for continuous, passive income. With GateKeeper’s proven track record of client retention, this revenue stream is far from a one-time deal.

Furthermore, this offering allows you to consolidate your customers’ needs under your umbrella. It’s a chance to increase customer stickiness by providing a comprehensive suite of solutions, improving overall customer retention and satisfaction.

Positioning Your MSP as an Industry Leader

Finally, by aligning with GateKeeper, your MSP can position itself as a forward-thinking provider at the vanguard of cybersecurity innovation. GateKeeper Enterprise’s solutions represent the future of cybersecurity – passwordless, secure, and user-friendly. By reselling GateKeeper Enterprise, you signal to your clients that you’re an industry leader, fully committed to their long-term digital security.

In a world increasingly aware of the importance of cybersecurity, offering a solution that not only addresses current threats but anticipates future vulnerabilities is a powerful way to differentiate your MSP.


Incorporating GateKeeper Enterprise into your MSP’s offering lineup is more than just an addition of a service. It’s an opportunity to enhance your portfolio, grow a stable source of passive income, and position your MSP as an industry leader. By embracing the future of cybersecurity and passwordless solutions, you offer your clients not just the protection they need, but the peace of mind they deserve.

Experience how MSPs can boost revenue with GateKeeper Enterprise – a win-win situation. You enhance your clients’ security infrastructure while simultaneously securing your financial future with a lucrative, reliable source of passive income. Don’t just stay a step ahead of the competition; leap forward with GateKeeper Enterprise.

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