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Access your computers and websites instantly with your phone.


Use your smartphone to unlock computers and websites.

You always have your phone, and with GateKeeper Trident, use your phone as your key to your computer and websites. Walk up to unlock, walk away to lock using your phone's proximity to your computer. The perfect access control system for saving time and convenience. You already have keyless entry into cars and homes - time for computers.

Most convenient login ever designed for users

No need to carry a separate key fob - save on real estate

Save time and headaches by ditching passwords

No Internet/cellular connectivity required - just Bluetooth Smart

Zero-touch, proximity-based login for security and speed


"GateKeeper Is a Wireless, Smart PC Key Straight Out of Spy Movies"


Unlike others, GateKeeper Trident automatically logs you into websites, combating phishing. With other authenticator apps, users enter the OTP incorrectly 10% of the time.

Look - no hands! Carry all your passwords with you, but not in your head.

Never feel guilty about saving passwords again. Create the strongest, complex passphrase with 100+ characters and let Trident auto-fill. All your passwords are synced across the network and available at any computer you log in to using GateKeeper.

Use your phone as a backup key to get into your computer

Choose your login method preference from multiple options

No batteries to replace - just keeps working

Completely secure, no info transmitted

Contactless, passwordless login to computers and websites using your Android without unlocking your phone or signing into apps saves maximum time and effort.

Technical Specifications

Bluetooth Smart (BLE) technology

Compatible with Android 7 and up

Adjustable proximity range for auto-authentication

Tokenized password manager for enterprise


“Ease of use and clean interface makes using this software simple and effective. The analytics tab on the PC software is useful for seeing different events… definitely recommend this for anyone looking for a little more security.”

A Google User

See GateKeeper proximity access control in action.

Take a self-guided tour of how your proximity-based access control can work.

GateKeeper Enterprise 45-Day Trial

Shift tactics to something that works. All your passwords in one place and only accessible by you. Trial allows you to experience fully automated access and security before full deployment. Try instant multi-factor authentication and worry-free workflow with proximity-based privileged access management.

5 GateKeeper wireless proximity tokens

45 days of automated access control

Premium support & deployment assistance

Discounted first-year subscription

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