Reduce helpdesk calls and save time.

Reduce Helpdesk Tickets with a Password Manager

Reduce helpdesk tickets with a password manager

Is your helpdesk inundated with password problems? According to a study carried out by Google, around 75% of people report experiencing password issues. In a climate where cybercrime is on the rise, it’s wise to encourage your employees to use multiple complex passwords. However, if they’re continuously forgetting passwords, you may place your IT helpdesk under undue pressure. Using a password manager can eliminate a lot of the issues your helpdesk faces. In short, a password manager is a tool that securely stores and encrypts multiple passwords. If you’re not yet using a password manager, here’s how doing so can reduce helpdesk tickets.

Limit forgotten password requests to reduce helpdesk tickets

Many IT experts who work on helpdesks will have spent hours addressing forgotten password requests. While your employees may remember their passwords for systems they frequently log in to, this may not be true for seldom-used databases or programs. Additionally, if they rely on their browsers automatically remembering their passwords and then accidentally wipe their history, they may need to call on your helpdesk team.

Around 78% of people forget their passwords and require a reset. When you use a password manager, your workforce’s passwords are kept in one secure space. All they need to do is remember their access credentials for the manager, so they won’t need to bombard your helpdesk with reset requests.

Reduce helpdesk tickets and calls.

Reduce the number of security breaches

Many employees will feel comfortable with using a variety of passwords. But, they’ll have a caveat: those passwords need to remain easy for them to remember. The problem with this is, the less complex a password is, the easier it is for cybercriminals to guess it. Using more complex passwords isn’t as tempting, as they’re hard to remember. Fewer passwords problems means fewer security breaches AND fewer helpdesk tickets!

When non-complex passwords are in place, security breaches happen. While security breaches can come in multiple forms, some are especially problematic for helpdesks. For example, ransomware attacks can restrict access to your key systems. When this happens, your helpdesk may receive a ton of calls begging for a quick resolution. As 304 million ransomware attacks occurred globally in 2020, it’s safe to say they’re common. With a password manager, your team can use complex passwords and keep ransomware attacks to a minimum.

Easier account access across multiple devices

Not all employees will carry out their work from a single device. During the pandemic, homeworking rocketed, resulting in employees using home and work computers. Additionally, some employees like to work on the go. As a result, they may use mobile devices such as phones and tablets to access your workplace’s systems. If they have a number of passwords, they may depend on your helpdesk for assistance when accessing a system from a new device.

Password managers make it easier for your employees to transfer passwords over to new devices. Providing they can access the manager from their new device, there’s no need for them to call their helpdesk for password assistance at all.

Using a password manager can quiet noise for your helpdesk and make IT managers and employees’ working lives less frustrating. Even better, a password manager accessed with a key. If you’re ready to upgrade and reduce helpdesk tickets, call 240-547-5446 or email for more information.

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