Password Lifecycle

Sarah’s Password Lifecycle: A Tale of Wasted Time and Resources

Once upon a time, in the bustling city of Metropolis, a newly hired employee named Sarah joined Alpha Corp. It was her first day, and Sarah was eager to jump into her role. Little did she know, her journey would not begin with the fascinating tasks she had imagined but with the mundane and laborious task: passwords. At Alpha Corp., the password lifecycle involves managing a cluster of 25 different passwords for various systems and platforms.

Chapter 1: The Birth of Password Lifecycle

To secure her access to the various systems at Alpha Corp., Sarah had to set 25 unique, complex passwords. From her email account, CRM platform, HR system, to the various SaaS applications, every password required intricate combinations of letters, numbers, and symbols. She spent an estimated 10 minutes per system to generate, set, and securely store each password, translating to approximately 4 hours in total – the majority of her first day.

Chapter 2: Daily Tribulations

In the weeks that followed, Sarah faced the daily trials of password management. On average, she mistyped her password twice a day, leading to an additional login time of 5 minutes each time. Multiplied by 25 systems, that’s over 2 hours a week wasted just on mistyping.

And like many of us, Sarah sometimes forgot her passwords. Assuming she forgot a password once every two weeks (quite a conservative estimate), and considering it took about 20 minutes to reset each one, she spent about an hour a month simply on password reset procedures.

Then, there were the occasional needs for password sharing with team members. On average, Sarah had to share access with a colleague once a week, spending around 10 minutes to securely share the password each time. Over a month, that’s another 40 minutes spent. Therefore, the password lifecycle is inevitably very time-consuming.

Chapter 3: The End of the Password Era

Finally, after two productive years at Alpha Corp., Sarah decided to move on. Now, Alpha Corp. had to deprovision all her passwords – a tedious, time-consuming process. HR and IT spent around 10 minutes per system to revoke Sarah’s access, a 4-hour task in total.

Epilogue: A World With Password Managers

In Sarah’s two-year tenure, the time wasted just on password management activities amounted to hundreds of hours – time that could have been used for productive, revenue-generating tasks. But what if Sarah and Alpha Corp. could rewind time and do things differently?

Enter the world of password managers. On her first day, instead of spending hours setting individual passwords, Sarah could have spent just 30 minutes setting up a secure password manager like GateKeeper Enterprise.

Daily trials of mistyping and forgetting passwords would have been eliminated, as GateKeeper Proximity’s automatic login function takes care of it. Password sharing wouldn’t need any time-consuming procedures – with secure, controlled access sharing features, it could be done in a jiffy.

When Sarah decided to leave, instead of spending hours deprovisioning each password, Alpha Corp.’s IT team could have revoked access in a matter of minutes using the centralized control of the password manager.

Conclusion: Time – The Ultimate Saving

In the lifetime of a password, hours upon hours are wasted in their management. In Sarah’s case, a password manager could have saved hundreds of hours. And these hours translate to significant cost savings and productivity gains for Alpha Corp.

In the fast-paced digital world, every second count. It’s time to rethink password management. Save time, enhance security, and boost productivity with a password manager like GateKeeper Enterprise. Therefore, leave the era of wasted time behind and step into the future of efficiency.

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