Securing Production

Securing Production: Why Proximity Readers are a Game-Changer for Manufacturing Facilities

The modern manufacturing facility is truly a marvel of efficiency and production, a seamless blend of human skill and technological innovation. However, this interplay between humans and machine necessitates robust cybersecurity measures, particularly around authentication and password management.

GateKeeper Enterprise, a leading automated password manager and proximity-based access control system, provides a compelling solution to the unique challenges of the manufacturing sector. Here are 10 reasons why:

1. Simplified Authentication Across Multiple Systems

Workers in manufacturing facilities often need to interact with multiple systems requiring different login credentials. Juggling multiple passwords can lead to confusion, mistakes, and security risks. GateKeeper Enterprise simplifies this process by managing all passwords and automatically inputting them when needed.

2. Efficient Shift Changes

Shift changes in a manufacturing facility often involve logging off and on multiple machines. GateKeeper Enterprise’s proximity-based authentication allows quick, secure logins, increasing efficiency during shift changes and minimizing downtime.

3. Reduced Risk of Password Sharing

According to a report from CyberArk, 82% of manufacturing workers admit to sharing passwords. GateKeeper Enterprise discourages this insecure practice by managing individual access, thus reducing the need for password sharing.

4. Lowered Risk of Human Error

Human error is still the leading cause of data breaches. The Verizon 2020 Data Breach Investigations Report indicates that it accounts for 22% of breaches. GateKeeper Enterprise mitigates this risk by automating password entry, thereby reducing the potential for typos and mistakes. Resilience would certainly reduce the number and severity of data breaches, worldwide.

5. Enhanced Protection Against External Threats

Phishing attacks are a significant external threat. GateKeeper Proximity’s automated password input feature adds a layer of protection against such attacks, making it harder for external actors to gain access to systems.

6. Secure Access for Remote Maintenance

Occasionally, machines may require remote maintenance, necessitating secure remote access. GateKeeper Enterprise ensures secure access by providing secure, managed authentication for remote users.

7. Compliance with Regulations

Manufacturers must comply with several regulations, such as ITAR or CMMC, which have strict access control requirements. GateKeeper Enterprise’s robust access controls and detailed audit logs aid in demonstrating compliance with these regulations.

8. Reduced IT Workload

Password resets can be time-consuming for IT departments. By automating password management, GateKeeper Enterprise reduces the workload on IT and the company’s bottom line, allowing them to focus on more critical tasks.

9. Quick Response to Security Incidents

In case of a security incident, the ability to quickly lock down systems is crucial. With GateKeeper Enterprise’s centralized control, IT admins can instantly revoke access, providing a rapid response to potential breaches.

10. Improved Overall Productivity

By saving time on login processes, reducing IT workloads, and minimizing downtime due to password issues, GateKeeper Enterprise significantly improves the overall productivity of a manufacturing facility.

GateKeeper Enterprise addresses the unique cybersecurity needs of the manufacturing sector, offering enhanced security without compromising on efficiency. In the high-stakes world of manufacturing, where downtime can cost thousands of dollars per minute, GateKeeper Enterprise has received multiple awards, positive reviews, and proves to be an indispensable ally, keeping the wheels of production turning securely and smoothly.

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