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GateKeeper is proactive, automated 24/7 access control for your employees.


Reduce your organization's reliance on passwords with GateKeeper.

81% of cyber breaches are due to weak passwords, however longer, more secure passwords are harder to remember. Using proximity-based continuous authentication, GateKeeper acts as the auto-authenticator for all computer and web credentials. Data loss prevention made simple.

Advanced access control tool for CSOs.

Eliminate brute-force attacks with the GateKeeper mechanism.

Prevent sensitive leaks that cost severe penalties and permanent reputation impairment.

Improve security and end user workflow for modern business success.

Minimal upfront costs and lower Total Cost of Ownership than traditional methods.

90% of companies run Active Directory, some 500 million active account users that altogether authenticate 10 billion times a day, and 95 million of them are under daily attack.

Source: Alex Simons, Microsoft



GateKeeper verifies credentials 10x a second, ensuring the authorized user is authenticated or locks instantly.



Protect against reputation damage, compliance violations, data leaks, corporate espionage, and cybercrime.



GateKeeper is so automated that entire duties will happen on its own now. You just need to keep making good decisions.



The easiest 2FA solution to use – and the fastest.

Policy and Training are Not Enough

With the rapid proliferation of cyber threats and vulnerabilities, it’s impossible to keep up manually. IT policy and training alone cannot combat the waves of mounting issues in data security and access control.

More policies and procedures mean more user mistakes, reduce through automation.

Accountability is the wild west when it comes to auditing, but no longer.

Identify access vulnerabilities and value enhancement opportunities.

Conduct regular audits with GateKeeper’s immaculate record-keeping.


“She approached me in tears one day in fear that in a rush she had left her workstation exposed with firm information viewable for anyone to see. I quickly searched the internet for a solution and discovered a wonderful product to solve our problems and protect confidential information when leaving our workstations. GateKeeper is a must-have for anyone dealing with confidential information in a work environment.”

Christopher L. Gillespie, CPA
Partner at Culotta, Scroggins, Hendricks & Gillespie, P.C.

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GateKeeper Enterprise 45-Day Trial

GateKeeper offers special pricing so you or your organization can try Enterprise before implementing on your entire network. All test packages include deployment assistance, premium support, and additional subscription discounts.

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