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The Invisible Drag on Productivity: Handling Shift Changes with a Password Manager

The heartbeat of a manufacturing facility lies in its ability to maintain a steady rhythm of productivity. However, an often-overlooked stumbling block arises during the routine shift changes. Let’s explore five ways the traditional shift change process, particularly without a password manager, impacts productivity.

1. Time Lost to Login Procedures

A manufacturing facility often operates 24/7, with several shifts cycling throughout the day. Each shift change requires workers to log out and new ones to log in. A study by Fasthosts revealed that workers spend an average of 12 minutes per day just entering passwords. This transition time can quickly add up, with a facility employing hundreds or thousands of workers, resulting in substantial productivity loss.

2. Reduced Efficiency Due to Password Errors

An average of $5.2 million is lost annually due to reduced productivity from password issues, according to Centrify. Mistyped or forgotten passwords often require multiple login attempts or even a password reset, causing delays in the shift changeover. In March, Latitude Financial stated that their are setting aside $54 million “for costs associated with the cyber incident”.

3. The Domino Effect of IT Support Delays

When employees encounter login issues, they typically need to contact IT support. According to a report by Gartner, up to 30% of IT helpdesk calls are related to password reset requests. These interruptions not only delay the start of a worker’s shift but also divert crucial IT resources, causing a ripple effect of lost productivity and inefficiency across the organization.

4. Vulnerability to Security Breaches

Shift changes can also increase vulnerability to security breaches. Workers, in a rush to start or end their shift, might be tempted to share passwords or leave workstations logged in for the next shift. These practices expose the company’s systems to potential threats, and any resulting breaches could lead to costly downtime.

5. Increased Risk of Non-Compliance

Manufacturing facilities often need to adhere to strict regulatory standards, such as ITAR or CMMC, requiring secure and traceable system access. Traditional shift changes, with their password-related issues, increase the risk of non-compliance, which can lead to hefty fines and damage to the company’s reputation.

While shift changes are an integral part of a manufacturing facility’s operations, their associated challenges can result in significant productivity loss. Implementing a password manager like GateKeeper Enterprise can streamline the login process, reduce password-related errors and IT support requests, enhance security, and aid compliance. Such a solution not only saves valuable time but also contributes to a more efficient, secure, and productive manufacturing environment.

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